Latin Terminology in Roman Catholic Parish Records

The church records in Sacred Heart Parish and St Joseph Church in South Bend, Indiana used more Latin than I have seen thus far in my search through the County Mayo Roman Catholic Parish Records. The Latin used in the County Mayo records seems spotty and varies from parish to parish. The microfilm record quality of these records ranges from barely ledgible to quite clear with nice script. Many of the pages are pale, faded, or the ink is bleeding through the other side of the page. It is anyone's guess if my family or yours is lost in those pages. Understanding the latin that is used can make the interpretation process easier.

The County Mayo records seem to use the latin word "olim" frequently in association with the female parent in the baptismal record. Roughly translated, it means once was. I believe it is referring to the spouse's maiden name. In example, it might say Martinus Brennan filius of Martinus and Catharina Brennan (olim Corcoran). County Mayo records also seem to refer to twins by the Latin word gemini.

The following are some of the more commonly used Latin terms I have seen in the church records.

Latin English Interpretation
Ablutus est or baptus est He was baptized
Aetas or aetatis Age
In Aeternum Forever
Anno Domini Year
Aprilis April
Augustus August
Baptizavi I Baptized
Caelibis Unmarried
Cognomen Family or Surname
Conjugibus or Conjugium Marriage
Defunctus Dead
Die Day
Februaris February
Fillia or Filliam Daughter
Filius or Fillium Son
Funus Funeral
Geminus Twin
Hebdomada Week
Heri Yesterday
Hodie Today
Humatus est He was buried
Illegitimus Illegitimate
Impedimento Impediment
Impositum est Nomen Given Name
Janus January
Jovis dies Thursday
Julius July
Juno June
Lunae dies Monday
Maia May
Mars March
Marti Married Couple
Martis dies Tuesday
Matriumonium Marriage
Mater Mother
Matrina Grandmother
Mensis Month
Mercurii dies Wednesday
Mortus Died
Natus or Nativitus Born or Birth
Nullus None
Obiit He or she died
Olim Formerly, once was
Pater Father
Patrinus Godfather
Requietum in pace Rest in Peace (I saw this in the Loughglynn RCP Co Roscommon Records that I believe are death records)
Saturni dies Saturday
Sepultura, Sepultus Burial, Buried
Scriptus Written
Sepelivi I Buried
Solis dies Sunday
Testes adfuerunt Witnesses present
Uxur Wife
Veneris dies Friday
Vidua Widow