Kilmovee Civil Parish Townlands, Churches and Graveyards, County Mayo, Ireland

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Kilmovee Civil Parish in 1856, there were Catholic Churches documented in the Townlands of Ballyglass, Glentauraun and Kilmovee. Graveyards were noted in the Townlands of Kilkelly, Magheraboy and Rusheens West.


  1. Aghadifflin
  2. Ballinrumpa
  3. Ballyglass
  4. Barcull
  5. Carrowbeg
  6. Carrownlacka
  7. Cashellahenny
  8. Clooncarha
  9. Cloonfaulus
  10. Cloonfeaghra
  11. Cloonierin
  12. Cloonnamna
  13. Corgariff
  14. Culliagh
  15. Derragh
  16. Derrynaleck
  17. Glentavraun
  18. Gowlaun
  19. Kilcashel
  20. Kilkelly
  21. Killaclare
  22. Kilmore
  23. Kilmovee
  24. Knockbrack
  25. Leveelick
  26. Magheraboy
  27. Raherolus
  28. Ranagissaun
  29. Rusheens East
  30. Rusheens West
  31. Shammerbaun
  32. Shammerdoo
  33. Skeheen
  34. Sonvolaun
  35. Sraheens
  36. Tavraun
  37. Tullyganny
  38. Uggool
  39. Urlaur

There is a Townland mentioned in the Kilmovee Catholic Parish Records known as Shanvahara. Although there is a Town between Kilkelly and Knock by this name there is another area of Tavrane locals refer to as Shanvahara. See the explanation listed below!

Special Kudos to Bernie Courtney, a native of Derry Tavrane, for enlightening me about an area in Kilmovee referred to as Shanvahara in the Catholic Parish records! According to Bernie: "there is an area of Tavrane which is known by locals by this name, it is along the road between Tavrane School, past Lough na Gower and along the road towards Aughadiffin." "There are three locally named areas along this stretch of road, Shanvaharra, Fithawn and Derry Tavrane, none of these appear on maps but they aer used by the locals and recognized by the postal services."

(Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Kilmovee).