Killala Civil Parish Townlands, Churches and Graveyards, County Mayo, Ireland

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856 for Killala Civil Parish, there was a Roman Catholic Chapel in the Town of Killala incorporated within the Townland of Townplots West on Chapel Lane; there was a Church on Church Street and a Wesleyan Methodist Society Chapel on Preachinghouse Street. Of the 13 Islands that are part of Killala Civil Parish, only one, Bartragh Island is noted as having any structures. The other 12 named Islands like Georges Island, Illangersaun, Green Island, Horse Island, Baunrosbeg and Baunrosmore have single occupiers holding only land.

  1. Abbeylands
  2. Bartragh Island
  3. Baunrosmore
  4. Cartoon
  5. Castlereagh
  6. Cloonskirtaun
  7. Croghan
  8. Crosspatrick
  9. Kilgobban
  10. Killala
  11. Killogunra
  12. Killybrone
  13. Kilroe
  14. Leadymore
  15. Meelick
  16. Moyne
  17. Rathcash
  18. Rathowen East
  19. Rathowen West
  20. Ross
  21. Ross (Bourke)
  22. Ross (Fallon)
  23. Ross (Gardiner)
  24. Ross (Goodwin)
  25. Tawnaghmore Lower
  26. Tawnaghmore Upper
  27. Townplots East
  28. Townplots West

(Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Killala).