The Pat Quigley and Brigida Corcoran Family of Croghan, Killala Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland in Killala Catholic Church Records, the National Library of Ireland Census and Other Records

Croghan was a Townland of just over 180 acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856; there were no parcels of real economic significance and none were held by Corcorans. Sir W Roger Palmer Bart was the Landlord for 8 of the 11 parcels with Bourke Landlords holding the other three.

Research Observations: The Core of this family appears to have remained in Croghan, Killala Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland at least through the 1911 Ireland Census. Pat Quigley the father appears to have died some time between the 1901 and 1911 Ireland Census were conducted. Son Pat still appears single in 1911 as is daughter Ann. The question is, what became of John, Maria (if her father Gilmore is the Patt on this page) and Elleonora? I didn't find Corcorans from Croghan sponsoring any other Baptisms in this film.

Regarding Surname Cugley: There are two records I found of interest on in a compilation "Ireland Prison Registers 1790-1924." In 1885 a Pat Cugley age 17, residence Croghan was in Castlebar Prison for Assault. Then in 1886, a Pat Cugley age 62 was also listed in Castlebar Prison for Assault. The ages aren't exact but what is interesting is that the Townland of Croghan was reasonable small, could this be Pat Quigley and Son Pat? Please contact me if you feel that you are a descendant of this family or the Corcorans in this area! I would love to hear from you!

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married or Census conducted Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Townland Occupation; Misc.
Killala Roman Catholic Parish Records, Microfilm 1279204 February 20, 1867 Birth, February 27, 1867 Baptism Quigley, Pat Corcoran, Bridget Patt Crohan (likely Croghan in Killala CP) Daniel Fallon, Maria Mulloy Sponsors
" March 25, 1868 Birth, March 29, 1868 Baptism Quigley, Patt Corcoran, Bridget John Crohan Michael and Margaret Foody? Sponsors
" August 23, 1871 Birth and August 15, 1871 Baptism Quigley, Patt Corcoran, Bridget Anne Crehain? John Healey and Mary MacHale Sponsors
" May 21, 1874 Birth and May 24, 1874 Baptism Quigley, Gilmore?? (I am unsure if this is the same family) Corcoran, Brigida Maria Croghan David Walsh and Catherine Heavern Sponsors
" February 4, 1878 Birth and February 10, 1878 Baptism Quigley, Patricio Corcoran, Brigida Elleonora Croghan Patricio Blewitt? and Maria Heffernan Sponsors
National Archives of Ireland 1901 Census 1901 Quigly, Patk, H, 70 born in Mayo Quigly, Bridget, 60, Wife born in Mayo Quigly, Patrick, 29 single Farmer's son born in Mayo Croghan, House 1 Killala, Mayo, Ireland Patk is a Blind Farmer
" 1911   Quigly, Bridget 73 yr old widow born in Mayo Quigly, Patrick, 44 yr old single son born in Mayo Croghan, House 1, Killala, Mayo, Ireland Son Patrick is a Farmer
" "   " Quigly, Ann 35 yr old single daughter born in Mayo