The Kilcolman Civil Parish Townlands (Costello Barony) that were Later Transferred to County Roscommon in 1898, and its Churches and Graveyards

The following townlands were part of Kilcolman Civil Parish, Costello Barony, County Mayo when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856. All of these Townlands were transferred to County Roscommon in 1898.

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856, there were Roman Catholic Chapels in the Townlands of Creggan, and two in the Town of Ballaghaderreen that lies within the Townland of Ballaghaderreen on Pound Street and on Chapel Lane. There was also a church of undocumented affiliation in the same Town of Ballaghaderreen on Chapel Lane. Graveyards were noted in the Townlands of Ballyoughter, Creggan, Hawksford and Ballaghaderreen (on Chapel Lane in the Town of Ballaghaderreen).

  1. Attiantaggart
  2. Ballaghaderreen
  3. Ballyoughter
  4. Bockagh
  5. Boleysillagh
  6. Brogher
  7. Cloonlumney
  8. Cloonmeen
  9. Coolaghtane
  10. Coollena
  11. Creggan
  12. Cross North
  13. Cross South
  14. Derrynacross
  15. Derrynagur
  16. Doogary
  17. Drumacoo
  18. Fallsollus
  19. Frasnadeffa
  20. Hawksford
  21. Islandmore
  22. Kilcolman
  23. Largan
  24. Magheraboy
  25. Tonregee
  26. Toobrackan
  27. Tullaghanmore or Edmondstown Demesne
  28. Tullyhanrock

(Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Kilcolman (Costello Barony).