Favorite Ireland Genealogy Websites

My Favorite Ireland Genealogy Websites
Ask About Ireland: Great search Tool for Griffith's Valuation and digital books.
Boomtown or Bust. The authors of this website have just created a page documenting immigrants from Mayo to Canada in the 1800's and they are tracing immigrant trails from other counties as well to Canada. This is great information and could really open up a few trees! It is an exceptional site. They have a page on Mayo, Quebec... a town founded by Mayo immigrants as well. This website has a vast array of information of Irish immigrants to Canada and a great resource list for the subject.
Connacht Landed Estates Project (the Landed Estates Database). This is an amazing compilation of information on the Landlords in the Connacht area of Ireland. They have the specifics on the final disposition of the Landlords Estates that I haven't been able to find elsewhere (short of going to the NLI and PRONI to look at Estate Papers)
Fianna's Guide to Irish Genealogy
From Ireland.Net This is a great site with an assortment of records posted and specific details on types of records available
Genealogy Projects in Ireland
Geo-Genealogy Surname Distribution. Unique site covering Surname Distribution pattern of a variety of Irish Surnames (Kennedy, Gallagher, Delaney, Kelly, O'Neil, McDonald, Walsh, Smith, McBride, O'Donovan etc)
Ire Atlas Townland Database. Search by Town, Barony, Civil Parish etc., This is a must have link for anyone doing Irish research- especially when viewing the microfilm!
Ireland Census Records. General Ireland Census Records and County Specific Records Online.
Ireland History in Maps
Irish Family History Foundation Website. Record Serach Online - free and subscription
Irish Genealogy. A site to watch as it grows! Currently has records from Carlow, Cork and Ross, Dublin and Kerry! (and it's free!)
Irish Genealogy News. A great blog with current information to aid Irish Research!
Irish Genealogy Toolkit. Great informative site on all all aspects of Irish Genealogy Research!
Irish Maps. Great current Ireland maps on a easy to navigate site. Townlands and towns are detailed. Historical Maps also available.
Irish Times Website. Great surname searchable database.
Library Ireland Project. Wonderful site with lots of unusual information, street directories, (none on Mayo yet but one on Roscommon!) a place names directory and lots of other great stuff- worth keeping a close watch on for new additions!
Link Pendium Website. Rapidly expanding website with good section of Ireland and Great Britain Genealogy.
Mocavo Genealogy Website. New search engine specifically dedicated to genealogy- this should be amazing as it grows!
Moving Here Migration Histories Website. Nice compilation on Irish migration history. This site also has great links to other unusual websites like the link to the University of Southhampton and their searchable parliamentary papers! (Some papers gives names of famine victims whose passage was paid by the British Government and a host of other information on land issues).
National Archives of Ireland
National Archives of Ireland- 1901,1911 Census Search
Placenames Database of Ireland
University of Southhampton Website with link to the Enhanced Parliamentary Papers of Ireland (The link on this page will take you to a searchable database... just type in County Mayo, Ireland and a host of papers will come up!)
Irish Genealogy. This site is gradually adding records for different counties... thus far they have County Kerry, County Carlow, Cork and Dublin City. This is definitely a site to watch!
Irish Genealogy News. This a great site to keep current on what is going on in Irish Genealogy.
The Brennans of Connacht- a page created on the "Leitrim Roscommon Genealogy Website is a great page on the history of the Brennans in this province.