Great Books for Irish Genealogy and Irish History Research

Many of the following books are available through University Libraries and your local Genealogy Library. The CD books are available from Eneclann Ltd and through Archive CD Books Ireland .This company publishes rare books (in the Archives CD Books Project) from Trinity College of Dublin Library and other libraries throughout the world.

General Ireland Genealogy and History
A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland by Brian Mitchell (I think this is a must have for Irish Genealogical research)
A Guide to Irish Parish Registers by Brian Mitchell (This is a good resource for identifying Civil Parish and associated Catholic Churches and other affiliations for all Counties in Ireland).
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors- 3rd Edition by John Grenham (a thorough resource on available Irish resources- best overall resource I have found)
Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape edited by F. H A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan and Mathew Stout (This is not just an atlas. It is a great resource on the Irish landscape from the early centuries to present day. There is information on the famine and its impact on tenants and landlords, the rundale system, population distribution, agricultural development, bogs, demesnes, town and village development etc)
General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland. (This is an expensive book but an incredible resource on the Townlands and Major Towns of Ireland) I refer to this resource all the time in my research!
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis (This book is available on CD from Eneclann, Ltd!- well worth the purchase, it covers all the Civil parishes and major Towns in Ireland with amazing description)
Pigot's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1824, Connaught Section (this is available in a CD book from Eneclann, Ltd and Archive CD books Ireland) (It is less than 75 pages but the quality is great; it lists the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy of Ireland, and lists Nobility, Merchants and Tradesmen for Dublin; Ballina, Ballinrobe, Castlebar, Killala, Swineford (small section), Westport of County Mayo; Ballinasloe, Eyrecourt, Gort, Loughrea of County Galway; Boyle, Castlerea, Elphin, Roscommon of County Roscommon; Balymote, Colooney of County Sligo; Carrick on Shannon, Drumsna, Manor-Hamilton and Jamestown of County Leitrim.)
An Atlas of Irish History by Ruth Dudley Edwards (This book gives a comprehensive look at the most significant political, religious, economic and social changes that have taken place in Ireland over the years. There are tons of maps and graphs to illustrate the impact of all of these changes.)
Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846 (this is available on CD Rom from Eneclann, Ltd and Archive CD Books Ireland. It covers all provinces of Ireland and is a great comparison of Pigot's Commercial Directory of 1824).
The Landowners of Ireland, 1876 compiled by UH Hussey De Burgh (this is available on CD Rom from Eneclann, Ltd.) It is an alphabetical listing of the landowners of Ireland that held over 500 acres or at least 500 pounds valuation. It gives their acreage, valuation, education, title, address.
Irish Families Their Names, Arms and Origins by Edward MacLysaght. This book covers the origins and prevalence of the major surnames of Ireland.
Special Report on Surnames in Ireland by Sir Robert E Matheson, LL.D., This report has details on the most prevalent surnames in Ireland, their origins, how they were derived and their prevalence in the different provinces and counties of Ireland.
Evicted Tenants in Ireland (Estate Commissioners Office, 1907). This book initially published by the Estate Commissioners Office in 1907 is now available as part of the Archive CD Books project and is sold by Eneclann, Ltd. This is an amazing resource documenting evicted tenants applications and their circumstances at the time of eviction.
The Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland by John Bateman (4th ed. 1883) (this is available on CD Rom from Eneclann, Ltd and Archive CD Books Ireland) It documents all owners of 3000 acres or more, worth 3000 pounds per year and many landowners with over 2000 acres as well in Great Britain and Ireland.

Townlands in Poor Law Unions by George B Handran, CG. this is available on CD ROM from Eneclann, Ltd- Archive CD Books Ireland. I think this is a must have reference if you want to look at the cancelled books in the Dublin Valuation Office to see possible changes in ownership of parcels! The DED- (electoral district) is required for each townland to pull the cancelled books and I think this book is the best reference.

CLANN: Newsletter of the Irish History Foundation by This is a wonderful newsletter and is well worth signing up for. They just put their second one online July 25, 2014.