Outstanding Websites and Great Books Whose Focus is on the Irish in England

I will add to this compilation over time.

Outstanding Websites that Focus on the Irish in England Great Books that Focus on the Irish in England
Diaspora Connections: Irish Families in Stafford 1830-1919. Amazing website with specific details covering individual Irish Surnames in Stafford, England. The Irish in the Victorian City. Edited by Roger Swift and Sheridan Gilley. (covers the Irish in Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Stockport, London, York, Bristol etc)
BBC Immigration and Emigration - Wolverhampton and the Irish. Great details on the Irish in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire at the time of the famine. Irish Migrants in Modern Britain, 1750-1922 by Donald M Macraild. (covers Irish in Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, etc)
Mersey Reporter: Merseyside History, Irish Immigration in Liverpool. (Irish emigration to Liverpool in the 19th and 20th Century and resources for research) Irish, Catholic and Scouse - The History of the Liverpool-Irish 1800-1839 by John Belchem. (great look at what life was like for the Irish in Liverpool in the 19th and early 20th century).
Manchester's Irish Story at Manchesterirish.com (a thorough compilation 6 part story of the Irish in Manchester) Irish Migrants in Britain 1815-1914 A Documentary History. Edited by Roger Swift. (great compilation of information on the Irish seasonal workers, distribution of Irish in different counties in England, Irish in London, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, York, Glasgow etc)
St. Anthony Church Database Project. Awesome website with searchable records online- for Liverpool even pauper's burials!- A must check out site! Belchem, John Irish Catholic and Scouse- The History of the Liverpool Irish, 1800-1939 by John Belchem. A great read on the Irish in Liverpool in the 19th and 20th century.
Hibernia. Great website with a vast array of Liverpool records and other information! Trade and Traders in Mid-Victorian Liverpool by Graeme J. Milne. Great details on the development of the Merseyside Port in Liverpool.
  T.P. O'Connor and the Liverpool Irish by L.W. Brady.