Irish Families in St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield England with Uncertain Father's Surname

If I am really uncertain as to the interpretation of the father's surname or it is not given, it will be included in this section. These baptisms are arranged by mother's maiden name if known and if not by my best guess of the father's surname.

Surname Hose: I have no idea if the father's name is Hose or Fose. It doesn't look like Foss, although there is a Foss Family in these church records.

Surname Talbot: There is what appears to be a baptismal record for a Francis Nicholson Talbot (Talbot is not very clear) with no parents or godparents listed.

Surname Sloane: A baptismal record is present for a Martha Heaton Sloane. There were no parents or godparents listed and I am unsure if Heatan or Sloane was her maiden name.

Surname Straupe: A baptismal record is present for a Catherine Farrell Straupe; however, no parents or godparents are listed and both Farrell and Straupe look like they could be surnames.

Surname Scanlon: Under the section titled child baptised, it just states "Farmer" and a father's surname is not given.

Surname Brady: The Surname of Cath Brady's husband could possibly be Fallin. The birth of their child was listed after the birth of Catharine Fallin, child of Bryan and Anne Fallin. There were marks after Cath Brady's daughters name indicating either an unknown surname or ditto (of the record above.)

Father Mother Child Born Baptism
?, John Brady, Cath Catharine 1/11/1837 1/15/1837
    Margaret Connor alias? Eaton ? 6/29/1833
    Ellen ? Dyson ? 6/29/1833
?, Joseph Garner?, Hannah Anne Elizabeth? 6/20/1834 10/29/1834
? Hodgers, Mary Heny? 6/4/1833 6/16/1833
M-dem?, John Hogan, Mary Mary 12/20/1832 4/7/1833
?, William Kinealy, Abigail ? 10/26/1832 11/11/1832
?Malak?, John Mich?, Ellen Michael 12/24/1833 12/29/1833
?icher?, Patrick Peatan?, Eliza Sarah 10/10/1830 10/14/1830
?, Phillip Rooney, Bridgit Bridget? 4/?/1838 4/29/1838
?, Barney Scanlon, Mary ? 10/12/1830 11/12/1830
Hose??, John ?, Ellen James 7/2/1832 7/12/1832
Sloane,?   Sloane, Martha Heaton 5/?/? 5/20/1829
Straupe?   Straupe?, Catherine Farrell 7/?/? 7/6/1829
Talbot?,   Talbot, Francis Nicholson 7/?/? 6/1/1829