Irish Families in St Patricks Church, Huddersfield England with Father's Surname O-R

It appears that many of the names in this record were spelled phonetically. I have tried to group them together in the family groups where they belong, so some may appear out of alphabetical order.

Surname Peaton: It was really difficult to decipher the record for Catherine Peaton. Neither her father nor her mother's surname was very clear. I have seen Peatons witnessing numerous other Irish Baptisms, and to my surprise the surname Peaton is Irish.

Surname Questelow: The surname Questelow does not appear to be an Irish Surname; however the Surname Payton (name of Martin's wife) is, so I have included them in this compilation.

Special Kudos to Genealogist Vincent for the following information about the O'Donnells: "They were from the Clachan Village of Lisconnel, near Swinford. A Clachan Village really wasn't a village at all, it was just a collection of houses built close to each other. These homes were all adjacent to the ancient ring-fort of Lisconnel, approximately three kilometres to the north-east of Swinford. That part of the tonwland of Cloonacannana appears in the the Applotment Book of the early 1830's as Lisconnel: but officially, the area was never a townland in its own right."

Father Mother Child Born Baptism
O'Connor, Richard Eaton?, Margt? Richard 8/24/1834 8/31/1834
O'Connors, Thomas Crawford, Eliza Thomas Francis 10/4/1839 10/27/1839
O'Donnell, John Leonard, Catharine Marg? 10/2?/1836 10/8/1836
O'Donnell, Neil O'Donnell, Nancy? Mary? 8/29/1833 9/9/1833
O'Donnell, Neil O'Donnell, Nancy Barnabas 10/16/1835 11/8/1835
O'Donnell, Neil O'Donnel, Nancy Thos 10/29/1837 12/3/1837
O'Hara, James Quin, Honor Anne 10/4/1831 10/17/1831
O'Hara, James Quin, Honor Margaret 10/4/1831 10/17/1831
O'Hara?, James Campbell, Mary John Edw 6/12/1840 7/19/1840
O'Mara, Owen Lynch, Eliza Ellen 3/24/1839 3/21?/1839
O'Mara, Owen Lynch, Eliza Ellen 3/24/1840 3/22?/1840
O'Neil, James Mac Connall, Sarah Elizabeth 6/23/1840 7/26/1840
O'Neil, Patrick Broderick, Mary James 8/1/1830 8/7/1830
Parkhouse, George Quinn, Cath Ann 3/22/1839 3/24/1839
Patterson, James Teernan?, Cath Thomas 12/21/1835 1/10/1836
Patterson, James Teevans, Catherine Ellen 5/2/1837 5/15/1837
Paterson, James Teevan, Catharine William 2/6/1839 2/18/1839
Peaton?, James Riordan?, Mary Catherine 11/3/1830 11/7/1830
Percival, John Burns, Ellen Matilda 5/?/1838 5/18/1838
Philips, John Fielding?, Margt William 10/16/1834 11/16/1834
Philips, John Fielden?, Margt Dominick 10/20/1836 11/6/1836
Phillips, ? Phillips?, Mary Mary 10/11/1840 10/25/1840
Pigeon?, Patrick O'Doyle?, Bridgt (this should be O'Donnell according to Vincent, whose 3rd ggm Ellen O'Donnell was the sister of Bridget) Bridgt 1/27/1837 1/29/1837; according to Vincent, a descendant of this family her name is Bridget O'Donnell. She married Patrick Pigeon in Swinford on January 26, 1835; Special kudos to Vincent for sharing this information about the O'Donnells
Power, Michael Walsh, Mary William 1/1/1830 1/15/1831
Power?, Michael Walsh, Mary Michael 10/19/1832 11/25/1832
Power, Michael Walsh, Mary John 12/3/1834 1/4/1835
Power, Michael Welsh?, Mary Thos 6/24/1837 7/30/1837
Power, Walter Behan, Sarah John 11/13/1830 11/17/1830
Power, Walter Bohan, Sarah Catherine 3/3/1833 4/7/1833
Power, Walter Bones?, Sarah Margaret 10/26/1835 1/25/1836
Questelow?, Martin Payton, Nabby Ellen 9/14/1837 9/24/1837
Quigley, Thomas Finan, Cath Mary Ann 6/16/1838 7/13/1838
Quill, Anthony Quigley, Mary Catharine 11/16/1839 11/24/1839
Quinn, James Duffy, Bridget Catherine 11/5/1832 1/25/1833
Quin, James Duffy, Bridget Bridget 1/4/1835 2/1/1835
Quinn, James Duffy, Bridget Rosa 6/?/1837 7/30/1837
Quinn, James Duffy, Biddy Michael 3/23/1840 3/29/1840
Quin, Michael Murray, Bridget Patrick 2/6/1832 3/2/1832
Quin, Michael Murray, Bridget Michael 3/30/1834 4/6/1834
Quin, William Carrol, Mary Mary 6/19/1830 6/29/1830
Quinn, William Carroll, Mary Rose 11/3/1833 11/6/1833
Quinn, William Carroll, Marg? Patrick 1/16/1835 2/2/1835
Quinn, William Carroll, Mary? William 2/28/1837 3/19/1837
Quinn, William Carroll, Mary John 10/9/1839 11/3/1839
Rafferty, John McKune, Mary Michael 10/27/1838 12/8/1838
Ragan, Wm? Bergan, Anne Ellen 9/11/1837 9/24/1837
Regan, William Bergan, Ann Elizabeth 6/11/1840 6/28/1840
Regan, John Duffy, Mary Martin 8/28/1836 9/4/1836
Reily, John Ronan, Mary Bridget 5/20/1835 6/4/1835
Rearden, Cornelius Coy?, Ellen Margaret 6/9/1840 7/5/1840
Richardson, John ?, Harriet Harriet ? 4/20/1832
Richardson, William Hirsh, Ellen Sarah Jane 5/31/1837 7/16/1837
Richardson, William Hirsh, Ellen William Albert 6/17/1839 7/14/1839
Rinnard?, ? Rinnard, Ann Thomas 3/12/1838 3/18/1838
Roberts, John Hill, Catherine? John 12/22/1835 1/17/1836
Roberts, John Hall, Catharine William 2/24/1838 4/13/1838
Roberts, Robert Green?, Marg? Ann ? 4/12/1835
Rourke, Michael Walsh, Mary Mary Anne 7/9/1833 7/21/1833
Rourke, Michael Walsh, Mary Bridget 1/27/1835 2/8?1835
Rourke, Michael Walsh, Mary Thomas 6/28/1836 7/10/1836
Rourke, Michael Bower?, Mary Catherine 8/28/1836 10/16/1836
Rowan, William Williams, Susannah John 10/9/1839 10/27/1839
Rowarelle?, Michael Walsh, Mary Owen 1/2/1838 2/4/1838
Russell, George Barnes, Sarah Sarah Jane 7/23/1836 7/25/1836
Russel, George Barns?, Sarah Eliza 10/21/1837 10/22/1837
Rufsel?, George Barns, Sarah Mary Ann 3/17/1839 3/24/1839
Ryan, Michael Woodly?, Faith Joseph 11/23/1834 11/30?/1834
Ryan, Michael Woodliffe?, Faith Benjamin 8/13/1836 9/11/1836
Ryan, Michael Woodliffe, Faith Grace 3/30/1840 4/19/1840
Ryan, Thomas Ryan?, Catherine Margaret 10/12/1834 10/30?/1834