Irish Families of St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield England 1828-1840

The Irish families documented in this section were gathered from the Parochial Records of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Huddersfield England microfilm number 828132. Unfortunately, unlike the later St Patrick's Church ledgers that are only available in England, these records do not indicate the county or country of birth. This church was founded to support the growing Irish community in Huddersfield England so a large number of Irish names fill the ledger. I have documented over 800 Irish Baptismal records from this film, identifying Irish Surnames with the aid of a variety of sources. If one of the two surnames has Irish origins, it will be included in this compilation. This microfilm appears to contain only baptismal records. Keep in mind that many of the names appear to have been spelled phonetically. I have tried to group them by family so some may be out of alphabetical order. I have tried my best to correctly transcribe these records, but mistakes can be made so if you feel you recognize your family in this compilation please be sure to get the film and double check my translation of your families records.

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