Books to consider reading and other great resources if you had Irish ancestors that were in Huddersfield and other areas of England

  1. The Story of Huddersfield by Roy Brook. The publisher was Maccibbon and Kee 1968; ISBN number 0261619837. Many of the University Libraries have this book.
  2. Medicine and Society in Wakefield and Huddersfield 1780-1870 by Hilary Marland. The publisher was Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1987; ISBN number 0521 32575 7. This book is available at many university libraries and a limited preview is available online at google books.
  3. Irish Migrants in Modern Britain, 1750-1922 by Donald M Macraild. St Martin's Press, New York 1999; ISBN number 0-312-22032-4. A closer look at Irish immigration to England before, during and after the famine.
  4. The Nearest Place that Wasn't Ireland (Early Nineteenth-Century Irish Labor Migration) by Ruth-Ann M. Harris. Examines seasonal migration to England, transient and permanent residence in England during and after the famine years, and the primary towns that attracted Irish immigrants.
  5. Huddersfield and District Family History Society. Website This is a great resource to enlist to research the St Patrick's Church parish records and other records in their geographical area.
  6. Archive Service West Yorkshire Joint Services. Website to research a vast array of available records for this area.
  7. Website Free BMD at This site has indexes of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales. If you find your ancestors record here, you can take the information and order the certificate from the GRO office in England. This is a simple process. I obtained my great grandparents marriage record from Huddersfield through the GRO office. It was a goldmine of information!
  8. General Registers Office. Website This is a very efficiently run site to obtain England records as mentioned above.
  9. Huddersfield One- The Information Site. This site has lots of historical information on the Town of Huddersfield, its history and that of the surrounding area and is well worth a look!
  10. Huddersfield Civil Society Newsletter. The October 2008 issue has an interesting article on Edgerton Cemetery in the Huddersfield area.