The Trades: Irish Occupations in Huddersfield England in the Mid 19th Century

I will be adding occupation descriptions to Skilled Craftsmen (Trades) occupation section as I work my way through the Huddersfield Census records.

Irish-Held Occupations in the Trades, Huddersfield England
Brazier. This refers to a person who works with brass.
Coal Miner. An individual who works in a Coal Mine
Collier. A person involved in the coal industry- who obtains,supplies or handles coal for sale.
Cooper. An individual who makes or repairs items made of wooden staves and hoops such as barrels, tubs.
Glazier. A Glass maker. A person who is involved in manufacturing glass ; providing windows for a building or filling windows with glass. (Oxford English Dictionary, 1971, p. 1154, section 209).
Shoe Binder. Stitching the "uppers" of the shoes together with silk, cotton and sometimes beeswax before the sole was nailed on. Often performed by women. The book "Men, Women and Work " by Mary H Blewett has a lot of details on the New England Shoe Industry.
Shoe Maker. Maker of Shoes
Mason. Individual that works with stone, a brick layer.
Tinner. A person who works with tin like a tin plater or a tinsmith. It also refers to a person who digs tin ore- a tin miner.