Miscellaneous Irish-Held Occupations in Huddersfield England Census Records Mid 19th Century

This section will include occupations that wouldn't be included in the "Skilled Craftsman" Category (those that might require an apprenticeship), and other jobs that fall outside the Textile Industry and Merchant category of occupations. I will be adding occupations and their descriptions to this sections as I work my way through all the census records.

Miscellaneous Irish Held Occupations
Agricultural Laborer. An unskilled farm worker.
Cockswain (Coxswain). The person at the helm of a ship in charge of the boat and its crew.
Domestic Servant.
Doormat Maker.
Fiddler. One who plays a fiddle or violin ( an occupation for hire)
Hawker. A peddler or person who sold things on the streets. He often carried his wares around with him, such as matches, delft pottery, etc
Hawker of Delft Pottery. This refers to the sale of a type of pottery or glazed earthenware that was originally made in Delf Holland.
Hawker of Draperies, Smallwares.
Hodsman. A mason's assistant.
Marine Artillary.
Musician- bagpipes.
Porter. An individual who carries baggage or acts as a doorkeeper.
Race Runner. A runner is a messenger. Unsure on this one.
Rail Laborer.
Roper Maker. Maker of Rope
Sailor. An individual who works on a ship at sea.
Stone Breaker/Laborer.