Some Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran, Boyle, Gahagan and Reynolds Families Identified in the Huddersfield, England St Patrick's Church Parish Records with Links to Some of Their Respective Families in the England Census and Other Records

The microfilm Baptismal and Marriage Records from St Patrick's Church in Huddersfield, England are a virtual "Gold Mine" of Irish genealogical information. The LDS church as their records on microfilm only up through 1840, and after that a trip to England is required to view them.

Thanks to the extreme genealogical generosity of people like Ros, a Genealogist from England (with Huddersfield surnames Lynch and Lally) and Caroline a Genealogist with Huddersfield Roots who now lives in Switzerland (Surname Duffy), I am able to present some of these later records (after 1841) as well on this page.

It is my objective to be able to connect these church records with their respective families in the England Census, U.S. census (if applicable) and other Records. I will place a link from those records that I have connected with family pages I have created. Please contact me if you feel a connection is in error, or if you identify your family in this collection and can shed light on their migration trail. More pieces of the puzzle are needed to link all of our individual Huddersfield connections!

Research Observations: It appears that William Lalley married Hannah Renholds in the Parish Church, Huddersfield on April 23, 1838. William Lalley of Swallow Street, Laborer, was the son of Daniel Lalley, Laborer and Hannnah 18 spinster also living on Swallow Street was the daughter of Charles Renholds, Laborer. This record was in the West Yorkshire England Marriages and Banns on page 100. Elizabeth Brannon appears to have married Dennis Callaghan in Huddersfield, the quarter Ending June 1838 (Free BMD vol 22, page 227). It appears that Patrick Cooney may have married Bridget Renolds at Thornhill St Michaels and All Angels as Banns were published Nov, 20, November 27 and December 4, 1836. Thornhill appears to be a few miles East of Huddersfield. This record was #777 in the West Yorkshire England Marriages and Banns Compilation on

If you have a Huddersfield Family Irish connection and a webpage, blog or tree with information on this surname connection that you would like me to link to from my main Huddersfield Irish Page, please let me know. Actually, I think it would be great to create a separate page specifically dedicated to links of other Huddersfield Irish family genealogy pages. Although we all are focused on our own individual surnames (like my Corcoran, Brennan, Coffey, Gahagan and their friends, the Boyles and Reynolds), their spouse's surnames open up the trees for a lot of other families as well.

These records will be presented in order by date unless a family is clearly identified in multiple records and then they will be grouped together.

Date Type of Record Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran, Reynolds, Boyle Spouse Child Birth; Misc Info
7/1/1832 B Corcoran, Thomas Bones, Mary Sarah 6/3/1832 (Mary Frane Sp)
3/4/1835 B Corcoran, Thomas Bones, Mary William



9/24/1837 B Corkan, Thomas Bones, Mary Michl 9?/6/1837
2/16/1840 B Corkeran, Thomas Bones, Margt John 1/27/1840
5/12/1834 B Coffey, Richard Conroy, Mary? John 5/6/1834
5/3/1835 B Geogahan?, Marg? Gilligan, Willaim Joseph 4/16/1835
5/10/1836 B Brennan, Francis Ruane, Nancy Patrick 4/19/1836
11/6/1836 B Brennan, Patrick Morris, Ellen Maria 10/20/1836
10/7/1838 B Brennan, Patrick Morris, Ellen William 9/25/1838
12/11/1836 B Brennan, Bridget Laytham, John Sarah 12/1/1836
2/19/1837 B Brennan, Catharine White, Andrew William 2/10/1837
9/23/1838 B Brannan, Cath. White, Andrew Mary Ann 9/15/1838
3/1/1840 B Brennan, Cath. White, Andrew John 2/13/1840
9/3/1837 B Brennan, Bridget Gibbins, John Thomas 9/1/1837
1/14/1838 B Brannan, James Shearen?, Anne Thos 12/21/1837
4/16/1838 B Brannan, Owen McAllister, Elizabeth Elizabeth 4/1/1838
2/17/1839 B Reyolds?, Anna Lally, William Mary 2/5/1839
5/5/1839 B Brannan, Elizabeth Callaghan, Dennis Mary Ann 4/16/1839
6/9/1839 B Brannan, Bridget Giblin, John Catharine 5/24/1839
7/3/1839 B Reynolds, Bridget Cooney, Patrick Joseph 5/6/1839
3/25/1840 B Brennon, James ?, Ann Mary Michael Brennan, Ellen May? Sp
4/9/1840 B Brennan, James Stewart, Ann Mary 3/25/1840
8/30/1840 B Brannon, Thos Nune et Olim Brannan, Sarah Mary 7/6/1840
11/3/1840 M Brennan, John Carrol, Mary   Patrick and Mary O'Hara Sp (there is a free BMD for a marriage in Huddersfield Qtr ending Dec 1846 for a John Brennan- Mary Caroll is on the same- follow up on this)
7/6/1841 B Brennon, Thomas ? Mary Owen Ward/ Mary Grady Sp
9/3/1841 B Corkeran, John Moran, Catherine Patrick Patrick Corcoran and Mary? Sp
July 1844 M Brennan, Hannah Maley or Daley?, James   Hannah's father is listed as John Brennan of Huddersfield- record per Caroline
Quarter Endling September 1844 Free BMD England Marriages Branan, Hannah married James Maley Huddersfield Maley, James   Volume 22, Page 279
10/8/1848 B Brennan, Patrick Morris, Ellen Roger? Godparents Pat Morris and Bridget Morris (per Caroline)
11/26/1849 M Brennan, Martin Corcoran, Catherine   (my 2nd GGP)
1849 B Corcoran, John Moran, Kitty John Godparents John McLaughlan and Ann Moran
1851 M Brennan, John McKew, Mary   parents Mark Brennan and Brian? McKew both deceased) per Caroline
8/22/1853 B Brennan, James Mack, Margaret Michael (Per Caroline)
9/22/1857 B Brennon, James Meek?, Margaret Michael; John Gilligan and Mary Burns Sp (per Ros)
4/19/1855 or 56? B Brennon, Bridget McKew, Patrick Michael Helen Lynch Sp (per Ros and Caroline)
1/20/1856 B Brannon, John McKew, Mary Mark Martin Hynes and Catherine Gallagher Sp (per Ros and Caroline)
4/24/1856 B Boyle, Michael Brennon, Bridget John William Kelly and Mary Boyle Sp (per Ros)
12/18/1858 B Boyle, Michael Brennan, Bridget Mary per Caroline
4/4/1857 B Brennon, John Carroll, Mary Margaret James Burke and Catherine Brennon Sp; (per Ros)
6/13/1857 B Boyle, Thomas Phely, Ann Thomas John Cosgriffe and Bridget Boyle Sp (per Ros)
6/16/1859 M Corcoran, Michael of Castlegate Mahon, Eliza of Windsor Court   Eliza' father is Patrick- Windsor Court (per Ros)
9/19/1859 B Brennan, Maria Carey, John Thomas William per Caroline
1870 M Brennan, John of Dock Street Gannion?, Sara of Water Lane   parents- Mark Brennan deceased; witnesses Michael Egan and Mary Ann Phelan (per Caroline)
1870 (some conflicting evidence with record below) M Corcoran, Patrickof Upperhead Row Shaw, Mary of Upperhead Row   fathers Pat Corcoran deceased and ? Shaw.
Quarter Ending March 1871 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Free BMD England Marriage Record Corcoran, Patrick Shaw, Mary   Volume 9a, page 420.
1872 M Brennan, Elizabeth of Manchester Street Harrison, John Ed?   Elizabeth's father John Brennan- deceased; Witnesses Michael Egan dn Mary Ann Phelan (per Caroline)
Quarter Ending March 1872 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Free BMD England Marriage Record Brennan, Elizabeth Harrison, John Edward   Volume 9a, Page 469