A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the 41 Districts (plus the Huddersfield Infirmary and District Model Lodging House) of the 1891 Huddersfield, Yorkshire England Census

This compilation covers the Huddersfield Civil Parish, St Paul's Ecclesiastical Parish, South Municipal Ward and its 41 districts of the Huddersfield 1891 Census. I will be documenting the Irish-born residing in this various Districts of the Huddersfield 1891 Census in this section. The Surnames will be noted under their associated occupations with additional information provided if a place name in Ireland (such as a County or Townland) is given. My primary objective is to identify the Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran and Gahagan families living in Huddersfield; they will be documented on their individual surname pages in addition to this page (regardless of where they were born).

It is important to keep in mind that despite the fact that the Irish continued to migrate to England throughout the 20th Century, their numbers dropped considerably after the peak of the famine in the 1840's. This page only identifies those born in Ireland. As the 1891 census takes place nearly half a century after the biggest famine of the century, many Irish-descendents in these census records will have been born in England and not Ireland. I will highlight the Districts and any documented places of origin in Ireland in Red and the Irish-born's Occupations in Dark Green.

There were only three Irish-born living in District 1and they were as follows: Thomas Shern, a 67 year old Night Watchman who lives on Colne Road with his wife Ellen who was also born in Ireland and their son William, a Cloth Finisher born in Chetam Kent; Mary McKeon a 66 year old widowed Hawker (born In Roscommon Ireland) living on 26 Shorehead with her daughter Elizabeth, a 28 year old Tailoress born in Stalybridge Lancashire and Patrick O'Sullivan, a 28 year old Medical Assistant Lab who was born in Ireland.

The Irish-born in District 2 were living primarily on Graham Yard, followed by Grahams Yard on Milford Street, Milford Street, Buxton Road and Arthington's Yard. Clara Mac Intire, a 22-year-old Tailoress living on Milford Street was born in Dublin, Ireland and Michael Finicane a 33-year-old Draper was born in Limerick, Ireland. His Sister in Law? Annie Finnicane from Yorkshire and a niece from Wales were living with him on Buxton Road. The only Irish-born individual that wasn't employed in a laboring occupation was Dennis Ford a 46 year old Police Constable (born in Sligo) living on Arthington's Yard with his wife Bridget (born in Mayo) and their three kids who were born in Huddersfield. There were six General Laborers (Ragan-2, Melark, Jennins, Lyons and Duncan), a Mason's Laborer (Doulen), Brick Layer (Cunningham) and a Plaster's Laborer (Kilgannon).

Most of the Irish-born in District 3 were living on Commercial Square, Streetor just below Commercial Street; the rest were living on St Paul's Street, Shorehead and Shore. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. The occupations held by the Irish-born in district 3 were varied with one Traveler for a Woolen Merchant (Oates), a Theatre Door Keeper (Burke), a Laundry maid (Casey), a Clerk (Hinchey), a Poultry Salesman and his brother who was a Horse Dealer (Ginty-2), two Woolen Waste Sorters (Gamble and Hynes) and one woman (Berry) with no occupation.

The Irish-born in District 4 were living on Shorehead, Victoria and Zelland Streets. They held occupations such as Fish Hawker (Morris), Gas Meter Inspector (Tuohy), Mason's Laborer (Langan) and there were two listed without occupations (Ferguson and Entwisle) and one man who was living on his "own means" (Blackburn).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 5 were living on Lockwood's Yard followed by Upperhead Row and there was one at the entrance to Wheat Sheaf Inn. Place names of origin in Ireland were given for several entries. The following hailed from County Mayo: John Allison, a 53 year old Brick Layer and his wife Bridget (7 kids were born in Huddersfield), Mary Harley, a 67 year old Widow (living on her own means) and Michael J Johnston, a 40 year old widowed Fish Salesman (he had two daughters born in America and 3 in Huddersfield). Michael Walsh a Mason's Laborer and his wife Maggie were both born in County Sligo. Michael Brisny a widowed Excavator was born in County Galway, John Henery a Excavator was born in County Clare and Michael Costellow a Mason's Laborer was born in Newtown Ireland. The remaining Irish-born were employed as General Laborers (Murray, Griffin and Graley), Bricklayer's Laborers (Moylen), Hawker (Walsh) and a Hawker of Hardware (Mannion).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 6 were living on Jowitt's Court followed by Manchester Street, Water Lane, Love's Yard, Ramsden Yard, South Parade, Sutcliff's Yard, John's Street, Roebuck's Yard, Charles Street, Albion Street, High Street, Buxton Road and Back Water Street. Place names of origin in Ireland were given for many emigrants in this district and the vast majority came from the Connaught counties of Galway, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo. There were 29 born in County Galway with the heaviest concentration being Mason's Laborers such as Thomas Alvey (wife Annie and 2 kids born in Huddersfield), Wm Convey and his wife Margaret, John Dempsey (with wife Magt and 5 kids born in Huddersfield), Thomas Glynn and his wife Sabina; plus a son born in Huddersfield, Martin Hopkins (with wife Ann of Durham and 2 kids from Leeds), Dan McHugh (widower), Michael McLarth, Ginger McLoughton, John Quinn (widower with 5 kids born in Huddersfield), John Riley, Martin Shally, Peter Skelly (wife Julia from Huddersfield), Lawrence Ward and his wife Ellen (plus 3 kids born in Huddersfield), Patrick Ward (widower); followed by General Laborers such as Michael Conway, Tom Donlow, Thomas Flynn (whose wife Bridget was from Roscommon), Wm Kennely and Michael Sockness; Stone Masons such as Peter Armstrong (wife Mary from Cheshire), Patrick Mac (wife Bridget was a Rag Sorter from Mayo); Bricklayers such as John Mulligan; Gardener Tom Shaughnessy and an Umbrella Maker James McCabe (wife Margt born in Dewsbury and three kids in Huddersfield). The remaining Irish from Galway were Margaret Devon a Rag Sorter and widow (with three kids from Huddersfield), General Hawkers widow Ann Broderick and James Logan, Housekeeper Bridget Lyons, those listed without occupations including Ann Hannen (widow), Ann Maguire (a widow with daughter born in Huddersfield), Honour Maloy (wife of Brick Laborer Patrick from Mayo), a scholar daughter Mary Sockness (whose mother was born in Roscommon), and finally Mary Comber a widow whose occupation I couldn't decipher. There were 21 Irish Immigrants from Roscommon including 4 Mason's Laborers: Dominick Connor (wife Mary, a housekeeper and three kids from Huddersfield), John Fitzgerald and wife Annie was a Woolen Weaver from Roscommon, Michael Kelly (wife Ann from Liverpool, Daughter from Dewsbury and 5 kids from Huddersfield), Michael Flynn (wife Mary was from Dublin), a General Laborer Thomas Finan, two Brick Laborers (James and John McWalters), a Railway Laborer (Patrick Flemming), a Grave Digger (Thomas Kelly and his wife Ellen), a Cotton Operator (Patrick Kelly), three Rug Weavers (Ellen, Ann and Maggie Kelly and another sibling, Martin a Scholar), a Woolen Weaver, Ellen Brannan from Castlereagh and Annie Fitzgerald (who was mentioned above), a Plasterer's Laborer (Moran and his wife Mary from Northhampton) and a Laundress, Emma Shaw from Athlone (son from Halifax, daughters from Limerick Ireland and Huddersfield). There were also several Irish-born without occupations including Mrs Lynch (widow) and Honoria Sockness (daughter Mary born in Galway). There were 12 Irish-born from County Mayo including a General Laborer (Patrick Gallagher), three Mason's Laborers (John Boyle, James Lyon, Martin Tighe, a Brick Setter (Wm Noon, whose wife Ellen and four kids are from Huddersfield), a Brick Layer (John O'Hara whose wife Caroline is from London, 4 kids from Bradford and 3 from Huddersfield), a Brick Laborer (Patrick Maloy whose wife Honour is from Galway), a widowed Tailor (Andrew Casey), a Navvy John Henery), four Gardener's Laborers (John Rochford, Michael Rochford, Martin Hesigerty and Pat Moloy), a Rag Sorter (Bridget Mac who was listed in Roscommon section above) and one unemployed widow, Bridget Walsh. There was one Irish immigrant from Leitrim, Margaret Lynch (Daughter Ann was a Rag Sorter from County Clare and three of her kids were from Huddersfield). John Darcy a Journeyman Tailor was born in County Clare (4 kids born in Huddersfield) as was Julia Stocks, a widow, Mary Scanlon a widowed Housekeeper (whose daughter Sabina is a Rug Weaver from Huddersfield). County Sligo was the home of 10 Irish-born including three Mason's Laborers Pat Heney, Patrick Torsney (whose wife Lavina and 4 kids were from Huddersfield), Henry Tosley (whose wife Mary and son were From Huddersfield), a General Laborer (Martin Milmore), a Navvy Pat Henery, Plasters' Laborers Widow Thomas Brennan and his brother Widow John Brennan (Thomas' daughter Kate was a Wool Sorter born in Sligo and a nephew Mark Brennan from Huddersfield was also living with them), a Shoemaker John Livingstone (whose wife Agnes is from Cheshire and two sons from Huddersfield), Pat Connelly an Umbrella Hawker, a General Hawker Widow Mary Durken and listed without an occupation Ann Tierney (daughter from Huddersfield). Five residents were born in Dublin: John Boyle (a Commission Agent, Patrick Colman a General Laborer and wife Mgt who was a Rag Sorter from Dublin (2 kids from Huddersfield), Catherine Commons a Woolen Feeder, Wm Mayo a Painter, John Morris a widowed General Laborer (wife Kate and son from Huddersfield) and Mary Flynn (whose husband Michael was from Roscommon). Thomas Bingham a Tailor and Polly Ward were from Belfast. James McBride a Grocery Manager was from County Antrim and his wife Mary was from County Down (daughter from Barnsley, Yorkshire); also from County Down were James Taylor a Stone Mason and his wife Ann (4 kids from Glasgow Scotland). The Immigrants from Kings County were John Ashe a Driller at the Ironworks (wife Emma was from Halifax, kids from Lancashire and Yorkshire), Michael Croughwell a Widowed Gardener and Anne Walker a Charwoman (husband John a Tripe Hawker from Yorkshire and son from Huddersfield). Immigrants from County Kildare were Ellen Butterly (wife of Andrew from County Meath, daughter Julia a Cotton Speed Tenter from Kildare and 5 kids from Huddersfield), Patrick Dougherty a General Laborer (two daughters from Yorkshire), John Dougherty a Mason's Laborer and Frank Hackett a Mason's Laborer (wife Mary and two sons from Huddersfield). William Brannan was a Stone Delver from Kilkenny (his wife Ellen was from Roscommon- see above). Ann Lawler was a Cotton Picker from Queens County (4 kids from Huddersfield), John Malony was a Bricklayer from County Westmeath (3 kids from Huddersfield) and Wm Ryan was a Shoemaker from County Tipperary. The remaining Irish-born were listed without origins in Ireland including Mason's Laborers (Flynn, Grogan, Glynn) and Stone Laborer (Flynn).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 7 were living on Manchester Street and yards along it such as Eastwood's Yard, Spread Eagle Yard, Royal Oak Yard as well as Royal Oak Inn, Grove Street and Prospect Street. The following Irish were born in County Roscommon: John Kelly a Teams. Car? and his wife Margaret as well as their 8 children (occupations Teamer Carm?, House Painter, Rug Weavers -2) and Thomas Cassidy a Glazier (his wife Elizabeth was born in Kilcurran Galway). The following Irish were from County Galway: Bridget Fannan a Lodging Housekeeper (3 kids born in Huddersfield), widow Mary Murphy, John Flynn a Mason's Laborer, Patrick Flanaghan a Mason's Laborer was born in Killancobe Galway (wife Mary was born in Kilkarin Galway) and Honoria Nester his sister-in-law was born in Kilkarin Galway. Martin Scanlon a Mason's Laborer and his wife Mary (son born in Huddersfield), Martin's brother John Scanlon, Mason's Laborer, Patrick Sheridan an Oyster Hawker was born in Cranmore, Galway and Elizabeth Cassidy (wife of Thomas a Glazer from Roscommon) was born in Kilcurran Galway. The following Irish were from County Sligo: Mason's Laborers John Flanegan, Patrick Davey, Michael Connell and Patrick Quigley, Patrick McDonald a Slate Excavator Laborer and John Glynn a Brass Founder Assistant and his wife Mary (4 kids born in Huddersfield). The following Irish were from County Mayo: Mason's Laborers Patrick Gallagher (wife Catherine from Scotland and two kids from Huddersfield) and five from Killalagh?, Mayo including James Johnstone, James Ryan, Michael Lynch, Thomas Lynch and Patrick Cassidy. Finally Thomas Hagharty a Landscape Gardener from Killasser, Mayo and Mary Taylor (3 kids from Huddersfield). The Irish from Leitrim were Margaret Smith and Catherine Payton widowed Sorters in Woolen Finishing (Catherine's son born in Yorkshire). Michael Higgins a Blacksmith was from County Tipperary. The Irish-born surnames without place names of origin in Ireland were as follows: Bennett (Tailor), Brennan (Slater), Cunningham (Mason's Laborer), Fuller -2 (Cardroom Operative -1), Hopkins (Lab Gas Stoker), McLoughlin (Police M Constable), Neil (Mason's Laborer), Ruane (Plaster's Laborer) and Tansay (Excavator).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 8 were living in Stoll's Yard, followed by Bottomley's Yard Upperhead Row, Upperhead Row, South Parade, Chapel Hill Street and Dale Street. Townlands of origin in Ireland were given for many of these residents, 9 of whom were from Galway including: Michael Ward a General Laborer, Luke Gavin a Mason's Laborer and his wife Mary (two daughters from Huddersfield), Patrick Regan a Mason's Laborer (wife Ellen and five kids from Huddersfield), Jno Morgan a Mason's Laborer (Daughter from Huddersfield, son Martin from Cavan, Ireland), Ellen Adams (husband Thomas a Mason's Laborer from Kilkenny and three kids from Huddersfield), Patrick Dooley a widowed Mason's Laborer born in Minlow Galway (daughter Huddersfield) Lawrence Keefe a Salt Dealer (two sons Huddersfield), and finally John Dougherty a Mason's Laborer from Kilkastin, Galway (wife Kate and 3 kids from Huddersfield). There were two residents from Mayo: Mary Crofton a Lodging Housekeeper and Winifred Crofton on Parish relief (both are widows). Those hailing from Kilkenny were Thomas Adams (mentioned above) and his brother James Adams a Mason's Laborer. William Milligan a Doctor of Medicine Gen Practice was born in Tyrone, his wife Matilda was born in Armagh and James Hamilton a Medical Assistant (Dr of Medical Surgery) was also born in Tyrone, Ireland. Michael Hogan was born in Ballylough (there is one in Antrim, Down and Wexford) and Wm Hackett a Boat Salesman was born in Dublin, Ireland. The following Irish residents did not give placenames of origin in Ireland: Mason's Laborers (Brennan, Dillon and Lafferty), a Rag Sorter (Chappel), a Green Grocer (Mitchell) and three without occupation (Bates, Dooley and Wallis).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 9 were living on Swallow Street followed by Colle's Yard, Lockwood's Yard, Duke Street, Hardy's Buildings and Cannon's Yard on Swallow Street. There were 10 residents from County Galway including: Laborers Stephen Burk, Martin and Patrick Doherty, Michael Kelly, Patrick Prendergast, Edward Rennington, James Ryan as well as Rag Sorter Sarah Garvey, Widow Mary Moore (whose son is from Huddersfield) and widow Julia Moor (whose daughter and son are from Huddersfield). Hailing from County Mayo were Rag Sorters Mary Tie, Mary Thompson and Hawker Anthony Thompson (son from Huddersfield). Three residents hailed from County Sligo including Martin Brennan a Laborer, Catherine Burke a Widow (3 kids from Yorkshire), Edward Colman a Laborer and John O'Hara a Mason's Laborer (wife born in Huddersfield). Andrew Kelly a Laborer was from County Roscommon (wife and two kids from Huddersfield). Margaret Murray a widowed Rag Sorter was from Dublin and Patrick McCormick a Laborer was from West Mead (likely County Westmeath). The remaining Irish-born were primarily Laborers including surnames Garrity, Henry, Mannion, McNulty, Spallow, Rielly and Rodgers as well as a Corporation Laborer- Road (Ward), Wool Dyer (McDonough), Hawker (Duffy) and Lodging Housekeeper (McConnell).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 10 were living on Outcote Bank and Johnson's Yard on Outcote Bank followed by Bankfield Road, Wells Street Longroyd Buildings, Longroyd Lane, Fisher Fold Longroyd Bridge and the Vicarage St Thomas. Seven Irish residence came from County Galway including: Martin Hines, a Mason's Laborer, his wife Catherine and thier daughter Mary Ellen a Wool Feeder (3 more kids from Huddersfield), Bridget French who was on Parish Relief (son Martin from Huddersfield but his wife Ellen was from County Cork and their 2 kids from Huddersfield), Thomas Galvin (a Retired Police Inspector) and his wife Maria as well as Sarah McNickle (her husband James was a tailor from Londonderry and two kids were from Huddersfield). Hailing from County Sligo were Thomas Kilmartin (mason's Laborer) and Winifred Scanlon (Lodging Housekeeper). James King (Stone Mason) was from County Mayo and his wife Roseann was from Dublin. Also from Dublin were William Freeman (Railway Clerk) and Annie Hughes a Domestic Servant Cook. Brian Gibney (Army Pensioner) and his wife Mary were from Meath (3 kids from East Indies) and finally Samuel Smart (a Hosier's Assistant) was from Downe. One Irish resident Margt Rierdan (Tailoress) was listed without a specific townland in Ireland (son John born in Huddersfield).

There were no Irish-born in District 11. The only Irish immigrant in District 12 was Catherine Daley (mother of Mary Thomas) living on Clough Lane.

The Irish-born in District 13 were spread out over 4 streets: Hill Top, Brow Road, Mill Gate Brown Cow and Tentergate. Mary Williamson a Widow was born in Mayo, Ireland (her daugher in Derbyshire). Hannah Spencer was born in Roscommon, Ireland (her son, daughter in law and grand children were born in Huddersfield). Joseph Wood, a Cloth Finisher was born in Dublin while his wife Ann, Daughter and grand daughter were born in Huddersfield. Surnames Cadur (Hawker of Small Wares)s and Hynes (Quay Laborer) were born in Ireland while their wives and children were born in Huddersfield.

The three Irish-born in District 14 werer women and only list Ireland as their place of birth. They included surnames Coulter (Boarding School Teacher) on Beech Street, Washington (Housekeeper) on Bush Street and Ellam (spouse of a Relieving Officer) in the Beech Street Farmhouse.

The only Irish-born in District 15 was Mary A Shaw whose husband James was a woolen spinner; they lived on School Lane.

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