A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the 36 Districts (and District Model Lodging House) of the 1881 Huddersfield England Census

There were only two Irish-born living in District 1 (and no specific places of origin in Ireland were given): Margaret, wife of James Dougherty (a cotton carder who was born in Liverpool) on Back Coln Terrace Upper Aspley and John Mulliague (a Police Constable) and his wife Julia living with their son on Shorehead. Their son was born in Huddersfield.

The Irish-born in District 2 were: Hannah, wife of Stephen Coates (plumber from Croft, Yorkshire) who was born in Castlereagh, Ireland. They live on Chapel Hill and their kids were born in Huddersfield. John Griffin (laborer) and his wife Catherine were born in Galway, Ireland. They lived on Corporation Street and their three kids were born in Huddersfield. Luke Galvin (general laborer) and his wife Mary were born in Tycooley, Ireland. They lived on Corporation Street and their four kids were born in Huddersfield. Finally, Julia (born in Kildare Ireland), the daughter of James Anderson (Sargeant M Volunteers born in Canada) and Harriet (born in Ceylon) lived on Stable's Street.

There were only a few Irish immigrants living in District three. Ann Carey, a Seamstress was born in Ireland (with a son born in Brooklyn and two other kids born in Huddersfield) and was living on St Paul's Street. Thomas Stuart, an Engineer Pattern Maker was born in Ireland. He and his wife Elizabeth (birthplace not given) were living on Commercial Place. One other Irish immigrant lived on Commercial Place: Truscott John Burke, a retired actor (he had a daughter from Cheshire and Son from Huddersfield). Two Irish Immigrants lived on Carlton Terrace: Thomas Lane (warehouseboy) , nephew of John Lane (a Tailor from Kirkbamuth, Yorkshire), his wife Emily (from Norfolk), Yorkshire and John Darby, a tailor born in Ireland.

The Irish-born in District four were as follows: Julia Blackburn was born in Antrim, Ireland. Her husband James Blackburn was an unemployed cloth drawer who was born in Huddersfield. Their kids were born in Huddersfield as well; one of the three was an auctioneer's clerk and one was a soliciter general's clerk. They lived on Shorehead. James Ward, a prisoner living on Victoria Street (in the prison) was a labor excavator who was born in Ireland. Ann Entwisle was born in Dublin. Her husband, George Hy (a joiner) and their three kids were born in Huddersfield and lived on Tesland? Street.

The Irish in District five were living on King Street, Upperhead Row, Lockwood's and Webster's Yards on Upperhead Row and the Wheat's Leaf Inn on Upperhead Row. Fortunately, the origins in Ireland of many of the Irish are given in this district. Samuel Benson (Butter and Egg Merchant), his sisters Eliza and Ann (assistants) and his brother James (assistant butter) were all born in Armagh, Ireland. Bridget, wife of Robert Morris (general traveler who was born in Huddersfield) was a hawker born in Mayo. Their children were born in Huddersfield (one was a mechanic's apprentice). John Allison (stone mason) and his wife Bridget were born in Mayo. Their kids were born in Huddersfield. Catherine Giblin was born in Mayo. Mary Beach, (her daughter was a woolen feeder born in Halifax, Yorkshire) and Michael Riley (Farm Laborer) were born in Cavan, Ireland. Three families had origins in Roscommon: Margaret Costalow and her son Michael (mason's laborer), Tim Feeheley (Farmer's Man- Ag Lab) and William Finan (brewer's man) were all born in Roscommon. Patrick Flynn (Fishmonger) was born in Galway, wife Clara was from Warwickshire Rucby and kids were from Huddersfield. Ann Hopkins, a lodging housekeeper was born in Galway as was John Scanlon (laborer), and John Flynn (Mason's Laborer). John's wife Mary Ann was born in Cheshire and kids in Huddersfield (one was a back tenter in the cotton mill). Catherine, wife of Andrew Burns (a screw and boltmaker born in Bradford) was born in Galway (kids were born in Leed, Yorkshire). Dan Callaghan, a Licensed Victualler was born in Cork, Ireland and his wife Mary was born in Kilkenny. John James Callaghan was born in Newpit? (could this be Newpark?) Sligo, Ireland as was Daniel Callaghan.Patrick Laveny, a bookbinder forwarder was born in Tralee, County Down as was Peter Welsh, a Pavior. Finally, Joseph Murphy was a musician from Thurles, Ireland (possibly Tipperary). There were other Irish immigrants in District five, but places of origin in Ireland weren't given.

There was a heavy concentration of Irish in District 6 on the following streets: Balin's Yard High Street, Love's Yard and Love's Yard High Street, South Parade, Manchester Street and Sutcliffe Yard Manchester Street, Charles Street, Ramsden Yard, Helen's Yard and Glass Alley on Charles Street, John Street, Backwater Lane, Water Lane, Jowett's Court Manchester Street and Jowett's Yard Water Lane. I have documented the Irish for whom origins of birth in Ireland were given. The following surnames had Irish born in County Mayo: Bridget Farrell, (wife of John Farrell a Hawker born in Longford Ireland), Ellen Berry, (wife of William Berry a Hatter born in Waterford, Ireland), Michael Huncher (lumper born in Westport, Ireland), Thomas Milligan (Pedlar), Andrew Casey (tailor), Thomas Broach (laborer), Bridget Scanlon (lodging housekeeper), Martin Murphy (general laborer), Mary Riley (Hawker born in Ballina), John M Toole and Peter Toole. County Roscommon: Martin Conner (laborer), Patrick Tigue (Plumber) and his wife Maria was born in Wicklow and Mary A Ditney (Hawker). County Galway: Ann Cannon, John Cooney (Mason's Laborer) and his wife Ellen, Julia Glynn (former laundress), Michael Flynn (laborer) and his wife Mary was from Tipperary, Ellen Flynn (Factory Hand), Patrick Coleman (Mason's Laborer), Lawrence Ward (laborer) and his wife Helen (Millhand), Nancy McGuire (Pedlar), Catherine Ford (Warehouse Woman) and his daughter Ellen was a warehouse woman from County Down, John Malterick (Hawker), James Maloney (Tailor), Patrick Mack (Mason), Ann and Bridget Glynn (General Servants), Catherine McTigh and her son John (Hawker of Pictures), Bernard Scanlon (working brewer from Galway and his wife Mary was from Clare). From Sligo: Mathew Welsh (Plaster's Laborer), Winifred Boyne (Lodging Housekeeper), Martin Dunn (Hawker), John Livingston (Bootmaker), Margaret Brook, Devon Benson (formerly a clerk), John Denton (bricklayer), Patrick McCormick (excavator) and his wife? Catherine (charwoman). John Carrol (mason) and his daughter Mary were from Waterford. Hailey Harrow (laborer) was from Monaghan, Ireland. Ann O' Mahony was from Newry, Ireland (Tyrone or Wicklow?) and her husband was from Cork. Kate Cumings (mill worker) was from Cork. Mary Durkin, Jane Kildare, Catharine McKay (Lodging Housekeeper) and Ann Hennissy were born in Dublin. Andrew Bartersley (Hawker) was born in Northern Ireland and William Tiernry was born in Coralec?, Ireland.

The following Irish-born were in District 7: Margaret Munroe (Housekeeper Dom) and Patrick Gordon (laborer) were born in Galway who were living on Eastwood's Yard. John Coffingham (laborer), born in Sligo who was living on Eastwood's Yard. Patrick Corkern (laborer) born in Waterford who was living on Eastwood's Yard. John Rowan and Thomas Connell (Mason's Laborer's) who were born in Dunmore (9 different counties has a Dunmore), Ireland and living on Manchester Street in a Lodging House. John Hirst (Basket Maker) born in Drogheda (Londonderry?), Ireland who was also living in the Manchester Street Lodging House. There were only three other Irish-born in this district: Michael Grealy (laborer) and his wife Mary (Rag Sorter), John Harmon (Gaol Laborer) and his wife Bridget who were all living on Manchester Street in the lodging house and born in Ireland and Michael Glynn (laborer) on Manchester Street who was born in Ireland.

The Irish in District 8 were living on Upperhead Row (as well as Stott's Building, Stott's Yard, Bottomley's Yard that are all on Upperhead Row), Chapel Hill, Folly Hall, Dale Street, Manchester Street (as well as Royal Oak Beerhouse on Manchester Street) and Wheat Sheaf Yard. The following Irish had specific places of origin in Ireland noted with their record. County Galway was heavily represented with: Michael Bourke (Foreman Lab Asst)whose wife was born in Holmfirth, Thomas Doherty (Excavator's Lab), Thomas Cullanane (Excavator's Lab), Bridget Kelly (Hawker), Mary Wallace (Hawker), Mary Macke (Rag Sorter), John Dempsey (Mason's Lab) whose wife Mary a speed tenter of Cotton was born in Huddersfield, Martin Dooley (Mason's Lab) whose wife Bridget was also born in Galway, Catherine Cosgrove whole husband Hugh (Delver's Lab) was born in Connaught, Kate Bates whose husband Ben (Scavenger) was born in Huddersfield, Bridget Carrol (Hawker), Patrick Ward (Mason's Lab) and his wife Mary (Hawker), Patrick Dooley (Mason's Lab) and his wife Bridget, Dan McHugh (Mason's Lab) and his wife Julia, Bridget Kelly (Hawker), Patrick Grogan (Mason's Lab) whose wife Mary Ann who was born in Holmfirth, Martin Dogerty (Mason's Lab), Dominick Fox (Mason's Lab), John Glynn, John Smith (Plasterer) and his wife Catherine, Mary Hunt (Hawker) wife of John (Farm Lab from Sligo), Patrick Deveney (Mason's Lab), Thomas McGuinness (Policeman), Martin Scanlon (Corporation Lab) and his wife Mary (Rag Picker) and his brother Thomas (Hawker), John Dougherty (Hawker), John Glynn (Brass Furnace Tenter) and his wife Mary. Those with County Mayo roots were: John Carrol (Hawker), James Shaw (Mason's Lab) whose wife Margaret is from Roscommon, Margaret Murray (Rag Sorter) whose husband James (Mason's Lab) was from Leitrim, Thomas English (Mason's Lab) and Thomas Sheridan (Corporation Lab). The following were from County Roscommon: Michael Kenny (Mason's Lab) and his wife? Mary (Hawker) and Michael Conolan (Mason's Lab). Those with roots in County Sligo were: Ann Chappell (Marine Sorter), Catherine Birk (whose husband John (Hawker) was born in Huddersfield, Catherine Ryan (Hawker), Eliza Lagan (Hawker), Catherine Nyland (Rag Sorter), Martin Milmoe (Mason's Lab), Patrick Davy (Mason's Lab) and John Flanagan (Mason's Lab). Hannah Hulse (a General Domestic Servant), Michael Power (Cart Driver) whose wife Margt was from Huddersfield, James Jenkins (Woolen Weaver) and Margt Butterworth (Charwoman) were from Dublin. William Carmichael (Auctioneer and Furniture Dealer) was from Belfast and Patrick Schale (Mason's Laborer) was from Tipperary. Patrick Fox (Hawker) was from Queens County, Michael Haley (Hatter) was from County Longford, Mary Fuller (Warehousewoman) wife of John (Woolen Weaver from Kings County) and three of their kids were born in County Westmeath, Mary Comber was born in Mt Bellow, Ireland and Thomas Roe (Mason's Laborer) was born in County Monagham and his wife Mary (Warehousewoman) was born in County Tyrone.

The Irish in District 9 were living on Swallow's Street (and in Connor's Yard, cellar, the alley under Connor's Yard), Duke Street (Lockwood's Buildings, Cellar, Collis Yard), Back Grove Street, Milner's Yard on South Street, Harding's Buildings Dwelling House, Grove Street and the Armitage Building on Grove Street. Unfortunately no place names of origin in Ireland were given for the large number of Irish in this district. The Irish women appear to have been primarily employed as Hawkers (Pedlars) , Charwomen, textile industry workers (Woolen or Cotton Piecers, Cotton Speed Tenters, Burler, Dress Maker, Mill Hand) or Rag Sorter. The Irish men were primarily employed as laborers of some sort (Factory Hand, Lodging House Keeper, General Laborer, Upholsterer, Mason's Laborer, Railway Navvy, Plaster's Laborer, Bootmaker) as well as Hawker, Compositor, Police Officer, Glazier and Hair Dresser.

The Irish-born in District 10a were living on Prospect Street, Outcote Bank (and the Johnson's Buildings on Outcote Bank), Longroyd Bridge and Fisher's Yard. Origins in Ireland were given for all but two entries: John Gledhill (a Grocer and Provision Dealer who was born in Ireland and his wife Sarah from Halifax) and John King a Plasterer. Hailing from County Mayo were: James King (Stone Mason), his wife Rose and his mother Mary. County Galway Irish included Dan Carrick (Mason's Laborer whose wife Ann was born in Sligo), Sarah McNicholl (her husband James was a tailor born in Londonderry) and Michael Manning (Mason) whose wife Ann and kids were born in Huddersfield, England.

The Irish in District 10b were located on Longroyd Bridge, Manchester Road and Crossland Buildings. Placenames were given for the following individuals: John Heenan and his daughter Mary Gould who were born in Newry, Ireland, Thomas Roper (a Tailor from Dublin) and Owen Moore, a Tailor Journeyman from Dublin, Ireland.

District 11 had Irish-born on Imperial Road, Oak Lea? Queens Road, Edgerton, Clayton Fields, and Woodleigh Edgerton. Bridget Cummings, a General Servant hailed from Ballindine, County Mayo and Caroline (wife of George Bannister a Gardinier from Sussex) was born in County Cork. Jane E. Armitage (wife of Chas a Merchant born in Huddersfield) and Mary Collins (a Cook) were both born in Dublin.

The Irish-born in District 12 were living on New Key? Rd- East Side, Croft House Lane and Queen's Rod (Eloinore). Emily Whitaker (daughter of Richard a Commercial Traveler in Woolens born in Leeds) was born in Dublin and Edith Slewellyen, a Private Governess was born in Cavan, Cavan, Ireland. There were only two other individuals born in Ireland: Ann Webster, (wife of John a Surry Driver Haulier? born in Huddersfield) and her mother Margaret Brouck.

The Irish of District 13 were spread out on Paddock Foot, Tentergate, Hilltop Middle Colne Street, Hilltop Barrack Lane? Row and Longroyd Building Well Street. Places of origin in Ireland were given for three families: Robert Crotty a basket maker was born in Dublin, Ireland and his wife Zellah a cotton winder was born in Sheffield Yorkshire (son Yorkshire), Martin O'Malley a mason was born in Galway as was his wife Catherine and daughter Mary. The rest of his children were born in Wakefield and Huddersfield Yorkshire. Finally Fred Frinch, a laborer, was born in Galway as was his wife Bridget (their son a Woolen Spinner was born in Huddersfield). Other surnames with Irish-born mentioned in this district were Lassey, Farrell, Spencer and Williamson.

There were only two Irish-born in District 14: Ann Jane O'Brien, a Cook born in Kildare, Ireland living on South Street and Bridget Comber, mother in law of John Adamson, who was bornin Sligo, Ireland and was living on West Street.

There were only three residences with Irish-born in District 15: William Gordon, a Vicar of Paddock on Church Street at All Saints Church (his wife was born in Lancashire and children in Yorkshire), Walter James Westin a Woolen Spinner, his two sisters and brother who were also in the textile industry (mother and another sister werer born in England) were living on Luck Lane, and Rebecca Coulter (Mistress at an Elementary School and her sister Sarah (Assistant Mistress at the Elementary School were living on Beech Street. Unfortunately no specific place names in Ireland were given.

The Irish in District 16a were living on Greenhead Road, Haigh's yard and Drake's Yard. Unfortunately, no Townlands or Counties of origin in Ireland were given. Joseph Wood, a Wood Yard Laborer was born in Ireland and his wife Ann, a Woolen Weaver in Huddersfield (as was their daughter). Robert Harvey, a Tailor and his wife Jane were both born in Ireland (daughter in Leeds, Yorkshire) as was Ellen Cummins a Domestic Servant. Alfred Groves held the most interesting occupation of all, "Her Majesties Inspector of Schools." His children were born in Cheshire and Huddersfield Yorkshire and his sister in Law, Susanna Cooper, a Domestic Servant was born in Ireland. Finally James Byrne (House and Parlor Cook/Maid Domestic Servant) and Mary Dickinson (cook and Domestic Servant) were both born in Ireland.

The majority of the Irish-born in District 16b were either patients or employees of the New North Road Infirmery. The only other Irish were living on West Parade and Trinity Street. Jane Mory, a House Servant Nurse was from Dublin, Mary Jane Crawford, a Hospital Service Nurse was from Monagham and Anne Maria Dunn, a Hospital Service Wound? Maid was from Atty, Kildare, Ireland. The remainder of the Irish in this district didn't have counties of origin with their entries and included Sarah Morgan a Milliner, Sarah Grady a retired charwoman, Anthony Lavin a Mason's Laborer, Michael Burke a Jour. Stone Quarryman, Thomas Wallace an out of work Quarryman, Mary Sloane a Hospital Servant Laundress and John Dunn a Book Hawker. There were no Irish-born in District 16c.

The majority of the Irish-born living in District 17 were holding advanced education and training. They were scattered throughout the district on Belgrave Terrace, Fitzwilliam Terrace, New North Road, Bradlye Lane, Belmont, Edgerton and the Bath Buildings. Unfortunately, no Counties of origin in Ireland were given. Irish associated with education were as follows: Thomas Robson, a School Master teaching English, Math, Foreign Languages and Latin and his wife Mary were born in Ireland and their kids in Cornwall, Mary Josephine O'Brien an Assistant School Mistress and Mary Anne McCarton a School Mistress were both born in Ireland, and finally Harriet Matilda Cleverley, a Principal of Huddersfield Girls Coll? was born in Ireland. Mark Monserrat Kirkland (a Civil Engineer, Surveyor), John Water Longneville Gifford (Judge of County Court- 12th municipal circuit) and David Augustine Casey (2nd Class Assistant Excise?) were born in Ireland (David's wife Ann Jane was born in Lancashire). The two remaining Irish were Mary Ann O'Brien (Cook) and Mary Pearson, whose husband Benjamin was a laborer from Yorkshire.

The Irish in District 18 were living on Swallow Street and Swallow Street, Lion's Head Yard, Back Spring Street, Henry Street and South Street. The County of Origin in Ireland was given for many in this district. The following family was noted as being from County Mayo: Mathew Brennan (Laborer) and his wife Mary. Four of their children were born in Cheshire, Norwich, England and one in Huddersfield. Numerous families were from County Galway including: Thomas Galvin (Police Inspector) and his wife Maria (nephew John Mahoney a green grocer was born in Bradford), Bridget Iredale (Husband George was a Cab Driver from Huddersfield and their children were born in Huddersfield (Organ Pipe Maker, Cabinet Maker and Winder in Textile Mill), John Sheridan (Former Fish Dealer) and his wife Catherine, Annie Gannon, Thomas Garvey (Gen Lab ) and wife Sabina Garvey, Margaret Hornes (Pedlar) and Mary Sykes (Grocer). Bridget Cavaney was from Roscommon, Ireland. Bridget Risken (Cotton Picker) was born in County Sligo. The following were born in Dublin: John Garret (Woolen Machine Agent) and his wife Mary Ann, John Clarke (Street Sweeper) his wife Mary and their daughter Sarah, Samuel Culley (unemployed Lawyer's Clerk) was born in County Down, John Bradey (Mason's Lab) was born in County Meath, his wife Ann (Cotton Piecer) and their children were born in Huddersfield (one was a Back Tenter in the Mill), Ann Lawler (Cotton Picker was born in Queens County as was her daughter margaret (Box Winder Textiles). Her sons were born in Bradford and Huddersfield. The following Irish Surnames were documented without places of origin in Ireland: Duffy, Finnegan (Drawing Tenter Textiles), Gannon (Salt Hawker), Killarney (Laundress, Cigar Maker Son), McNulty, Mooney, Moylan (Mason's Lab), Murray (Mason's Lab), Northrofs, Powker (Workhouse Worker, Hawker), Raffery (Farmer's Lab), Shaw (Brass Finisher, Mason's Laborer), Smith (Mason's Lab) and Sullivan (French Polisher- child).

The Irish in District 19 were living on Lower Mill Towning Row, York Place, Green Head Road, South Street, New North Drive and in the George Hotel. There were no counties of origin in Ireland given. They were as follows: Sabina Morriss (widowed Housewife) whose son Richard (General Dealer) and two other children William and Kate were born in Huddersfield, Edith A Barrass (7) whose mother Mary (Dressmaker) and brother Wm (Woolen Pattern Weaver) were from Huddersfield, (her other siblings were from Batley Carr, Huddersfield and Woonsocket Rhode Island) William Burns (Outdoor Lab) and his wife Mary, Kate Flynn (Charwomen) whose two children were from Huddersfield, Edward Geo Erson (Physician) and his wife Bessie (their children were born in the Isle of Man and Yorkshire and his mother Bessie in Ireland), Mary Finalane (Housemaid Dom), Ann Eaton (Cook), Stephen L Wells (Roman Catholic Priest), Maria McDonald (Housekeeper Dom), Bridget O Bryan (Laundress Dom) and John D Laudner (Porter). This district does not appear to be a blue collar working class district.

The majority of the Irish in District 20 were living on Kirkgate (also in Kirkgate Pack House Hotel) with the remainder scattered among Old Street, Market Walk, Bradley Street North, King Street and New Street. The following Irish were documented as being born in Roscommon Ireland: Marie Tighe (Housemaid Dom), Maggie Rodgers (Kitchenmaid Dom) and Michael Ryan (Plaster's Lab) whose wife Mary was born in Mayo (three kids were born in Huddersfield, one a mill yard worker, one a joiner). Alfred Vickers (Engine Tenter) and his wife M were born in Newbury Ireland (three kids in Yorkshire), Morton (Tailor) was born in Donegal Ireland and finally Jemima McKay (Draper) was born in Saintfield, Ireland.

The remaining Irish Surnames in this district were: Brennan (Plaster's Lab, Bricklayer's Lab, Mill Hand Tex, Housekeeper Dom, Stone Mason), Croughan (Lab, apprentice), Dolan (Laborer, Mill Hand Textiles), Doyle (Servant Dom), Fleming (Lab Gen, Housekeeper Dom), Flynn (Lab, Millhand), Godfrey (Lab Gen), Hanley - several (Mason's Lab, Housekeeper Dom, Bricklayer's Lab, Tailor, Brick Maker), McDowell (Shoemaker), McLoughlin (Tailor, Machinist), Moran (Engine Tenter), Morris (lab, Mill hadn, Mason), Nelson (Inns Keeper, traveller), Niland, Power (Lodging Housekeeper, Teamster, Weaver, Piecer, Reeler), Quinn (General Lab, Pot Seller Hawker Ireland) and Raffith (Hawker).

There was a large concentration of Irish in District 21 and they were living on Kirkgate Street, Boulder Yard, Post Office Yard, Castlegate, Bradley Passage, Dock Street (and Dock Tavern on Dock Street), Watergate (and the North Buildings on Watergate), Fisher's Yard, Mill's Yard, Towell's Buildings, Hall's Yard, Shore Head, Garden Walks, Holliday's Buildings, Turn Bridge and Turn Bridge Terrace. Unfortunately, no counties of origin in Ireland were given. The Surname Kelly was the most prevalent in this district.

The following Irish-Born immigrants (and the occcupations they and their children held) were noted: Armstrong (Mason's Lab), Bannon (Gardener), Barry (Mason's Lab), Batley (Drainmaker Town.), Blake (Chemical Works Lab), Boswell (Hawker), Bracewell (Weaver), Brannan (Green Grocer) and Brennan- several(Green Grocer, Fruit/Potato Dealer), Brathoney (Dyer's Lab), Breheny (Mason's Lab), Burke- several (Hawker, Wool Dyer, Mason's Lab), Burns- several (Stable Groom, Mason's Lab), Butler (Mason's Lab), Cahill (Molder of Iron), Callagen (Gen Lab), Cannon (Hawker), Carney (Dressmaker), Cockill (Farm Lab), Coleman (Gen Lab), Conlon (Housekeeper), Connolly (Mason's Lab, Hawker, Rag Sorter , Housekeeper, Gen Lab), Connor (Gen Lab), Cooney (Engine Fitter), Corbett (Worsted Comber), Cunningham (Mason's Lab), Dawson (Gen Lab), Dempsey (Gen Lab), Donlon (Gas Co. Lab), Doosey (Housekeeper, Mason's Lab, Woolen Piecer), Drury (Woolen Piecers), Eastwood, Egan (Plumber-Glazier), Fahey- several (Gas Co. Lab, Stone Yard Lab), Flaherty (Mason's Lab, Dressmaker), Flynn (Stone Mason), Ford (Housekeeper, Cotton Piecer), Gallagher (Cotton Sorter), Gara (Gen Lab), Gillerlane (Hawker, Rag Sorter Text. Worsted), Gavin (Mason's Lab), Grady (Mason's Lab), Graham (Gen Lab), Haigh (Bread Baker), Haley (Beer Retailer), Hamilton (Calico Printer), Hannan (Aniline Chemical Works), Hansberry (Chemical Works, Soldier), Henahan (Mason's Lab), Hegarty (Pensioner, Dress Maker), Hinchliffe (Laundress), Hopley (Woolen Flock Cleaner), Johnston (Gen Lab), Jones- several (Stone Mason, Housekeeper), Keegan (Gen Lab), Kelly-numerous Families (Brushmaker, Hawker, Machine Fitter Engine, Woolen Winder, Piecer, Cotton Cord Cutter, Housekeeper, Gen Lab), Keating (Woolen Willower, Piecer, Cord Cutter), Kenney- several(Mason's Lab), Kilgallon (Plaster's Lab), Keenan (Oyster Dealer Fish, Railway Porter, Gen Lab), King (Brick Layer's Lab), Lee (Mason's Lab), Lokan (Mason' s Lab), Lower (mason's Lab, Lodging Housekeeper), Lynch- several (Brick Layer, Mason's Lab), Lyons- several (Hawker, Excavator), Malone (Gen Lab), Malloy (Gen Lab, Hawker), McBride (Blacksmith), McCann (Gen Lab), McDonald (Hawker), McGarry (Gen Lab), McGowan (Gen Lab), Mills (Amiline Chemical Works), Miskill (Mason's Lab), Moss (Fancy Embroider), Muliryhold (Hawker), Murray (Gen Lab), Neenan (Hawker), Niland (Chemical Works Lab), Nolan (Hawker), Noon (Mason's Lab), Oates, O'Connor (Traveling Draper), O'Donnell (Excavator), Riley (Mason's Lab), Rochford (Mason's Lab), Rocklegan (Farm Lab), Roddy (Tailor), Rogers and Rodgers- several (Gas Stoker, Gen Lab, Mason, Mason' s Lab), Schofield (Woolen Warper, Dressmaker), Stanton (Mason's Lab), Sullivan (Mason' s Lab, Cotton Reeler), Swift (Mason's Lab), Tansey- Several Families (Cotton Corder, General Lab, Farm Ag Lab, Engine Fitter, Woolen Piecer), Taylor (Gen Lab), Thorpe, Tracey- several families (Mason's Lab, Stone Mason), Turner (Errand Boy Chemical Works), Wade (Earthenware Dealer), Waldren (Mason's Lab, Welsh (Hawker) and White (Hawker), Woolen Mill Worker).

The Census Taker in District 22 had trouble with spelling, left a lot of blanks and confusing marks in his records. Many entries have no place of origin, some places he uses ditto (") marks to indicate the same and then others he draws a horizontal line through the box. I believe he used the horizontal line to indicate the "same" like ditto because of the extent to which he uses it. The Irish in this district were living on Denton Lane, Post Office Yard, Castlegate, Westgate, Kirkgate, Spivy Yard, Silk Street, Rosemary Lane and Beast Market. The only entries with an origin in Ireland given were: Mary Murphy (Hawker) born in Roscommon Ireland and Michael Mullen (Laborer)and his wife Mary were born in Rochfield?, Ireland.

The following family surnames had an Irish-born member (including the occupation of the Irish immigrant and their children's occupations): Abraham (Lab), Amcon (Lab), Bennett (Tailor, cigar maker), Bermington (Lab), Broderick (Lab, Mill Hand Wool/Cotton), Bulare (Lab), Burke- several families (Lab), Burns (Cotton Picker), Bushe (Mas Lab), Caligon (Lab), Carirns (Lab), Carn (Mason), Clark (Lab, Rag Picker), Clearty (Lab), Comyn (Shopkeeper), Commin (Lab), Conelly (Lab, Warehouse Woman Textiles, Mill Hand Woolen), Conley (Joiner), Connor (Hawker, Housekeeper), Conry (Lab), Crossland, Danignan (Lab), Dawson- several families (Lodging Housekeeper, Lab, Wool Mill Hand, Housekeeper Dom), Dile (Lab, Cigar Maker), Degnin (Mason's Lab), Dunne, Durkin (Lab), Fahy (Housekeeper, Mason Lab), Flanagan (Hawker), Foley (Cigar Maker), Fourd (Hawker), Galoway (Hawker), Gannon (Hawker), Giblin (Hawker), Gilda (Lab), Glaney (Lab), Hallfield (Waiter), Hanley (Stoker Glass Works), Healey (Lab), Heynes (Beer Seller), Higgins (Bill Porter), Hiron (Brush Maker), Joyce (Lab), Kelly - sever families (Gardener, Lab), Kennedy (Navvy), Langan (Factory Hand), Lardner (Assurance Agent), Lunn (Boot/Shoemaker, Rag Picker), Mac Kenna (Hawker), Maddin (Plaster's Lab, Iron Molder, Winder woolen), Mahon (Lab), Malone (Rug Maker), McDurmund (Lab), McGourth (Lab, Woolen Piecer, Cotton Winder), McHeugh (Hawker), Mellett (Housekeeper), Moran (Lab), Noon (Lab), O'Day (Mason), Pender (Lab, Housekeeper, Woolen Factory), Pivan (Lab), Quin (Glass Hotley?), Ratican (Lab), Ratiegan (Lab), Rourke (Gas Stoker), Scarry (Mas Lab), Shorden (Lab), Smith (Mason) and Tellow (Tobacco Spinner, Woolen Piecer). Michael McPalin (Gas Lab) is listed as being born in Halifax but he may be from Ireland as it says Ireland above with no name associated with it.

The census taker for District 24 included many counties of origin in Ireland with his entries. The Irish in this district were living on Northumberland Street, Starkey Court, Windsor Court, Castlegate, Brick Bank, Lower Head Row (Lodging House), Front Street, Benson's Square, York Street, Love's Yard, North's Yard, Leeds Road (and Cellar), Hawk Street, Brooks Yard, Thomas Street (and Cellar), Burn's Yard, St Peter's Street, Schoales Square and Back of Northgate. The following Irish were born in County Roscommon: Mary Berry (Roscommon Connaught) (Hsb from Yorkshire), Mary- in Huddersfield), John Kenny (Laborer) and his wife Winifred and mother Ellen (kids Huddersfield- Gas Works Lab, Cloth Finisher), Anthony Wigglesworth (Milk Dealer) (His wife Lydia born in Huddersfield, 2 kids born in Ireland- both were bobbin winders- Annie born in Athlone and Jane born in Mullingar and the others from Lancashire, East Indies and Huddersfield), Michael Lonnigan (Laborer) whose wife Mary was born in Mayo and kids in Huddersfield (Woolen Feeder, Woolen Piecer), Sara Irurn? (2 kids woolen feeders from Huddersfield), Martin Swanrick (Laborer) whose wife Kate was from Galway and Kids from Huddersfield, Michael Rodgers (Laborer) and his daughter Jane (Mill Worker) plus 3 kids from Huddersfield (Dom Housekeeper), Sara Murphy and Celia Flynn. The following were from County Galway: Michael Kilgannon (Plaster's Lab) whose wife Mgt (Cotton Mill) and kids were from Huddersfield, John Kilgannon (Plaster's Laborer), Catherine Costello (Hawker) as well as John Robinson (Laborer) and his wife Ann (Daughter a textile mill hand born in Huddersfield). Joseph Ed Kelly (Carriage Trimmer) and Mariam Oakes were born in Dublin and Thomas Irming (Railway Clerk) was born in Belfast. Julia May (Charwoman) and Betsy Harmon (her sister a Cotton Sorter) were born in County Mayo. John McDermott (Laborer) and Dominick Bourke (Traveling Dresser) (His wife wa sfrom Huddersfield and kids from Yorkshire) were from County Sligo, Wm Campbell (Marble Polisher) was from County Clare and his wife Katherine (Laundress) was from County Tipperary, Peter Brannan (Gas Stoker) was from Queens County, Ireland and his wife Mary was from Derbyshire (and daughter from Huddersfield). Finally, Bridget Parkin was born in County Limerick (her husband Charles was a cloth finisher from Yorkshire), Ted McLachlan (Operative Tobacconist) was born in Leitrim and John Fitzgerald (Stone Mason) was born in Dunachadu County Down and Hugh Pearce (Tailor), his wife Margaret, and Sister in Law Elizabeth Hill were all born in Lurgan, County Armagh Ireland (of their 3 kids 2 were from Lurgan and one from Huddersfield). The following Irish-born Surnames did not have documented places of origin in Ireland: Cavanagh (Marble Mason), Cleary (Hawker), Devlin (Servant), Firman (Works Warehouse Text.), Heery (Gas Stoker), Hogan (Family Housekeeper), Kennedy (Lab), Mooney, Nayor (Nailer), Reardon (Tailoress), Rickett, Roake (Retired Tailor) and Rourke (Cigar Maker).

The Irish of District 25 were spread out among the following streets: Newtown, Benson's Yard, Lucas Yard, St John's Square, Viaduct Street, Back Oxford Street, Stock's Buildings, Bradford Road, Cross Cottage Lane and Cross House. Fortunately many counties of origin in Ireland were documented. The following Irish were born in County Mayo: Luke Boyle (Mason's Laborer) and his wife Margaret were born in Kilcommon (two children and a grand daughter were born in Huddersfield, Burler Textiles, Porter), Julia Tracey (formerly a Hawker; daughter Julia Hawker and grand kids from Huddersfield). Patrick and John Sheridan (Laborers) were born in Galway. Patrick Duncan (Laborer) was born in Connaught. Michael Fitzpatrick (Laborer) was bornin Kildare, Dublin and his wife Ellen was born in Iniskellin Pomana? (son in England). Esther Seale (Charwoman) was born in Queens County while her son, John was born in Butterent County Cork (4 other kids Yorkshire, one was an Errand boy for a Butcher). Thomas Cleland (Mason) was born in County Down (wife Sarah, County Armagh, children Scotland). Bridget Small (Dom. Housekeeper) was born in County Louth, sons Tom and Peter from County Down, and three kids from Huddersfield. Kate Copley (Servant) was born in Waterford. John O'Donnell (Carpenter) was born in "Omagh", Tyrone, wife Catherine in Londonderry, Son Joseph in Belfast and another in Wigan. The following surnames did not give places of origin in Ireland: Brannan (Corporation Laborer, Daughter- Cigar Maker and son born in America), Chadwick (Bank Clerk), Ford (Police Constable), Gibrene (Laborer), Green (Mason's Laborer, kids Marble Polisher, Machinist, Tobacco Cutter).

District 26 was the largest I have see thus far. The Irish were on the following streets: Foundry Yard, Clays Building North, Bact Union Street, Myrtle Street, Brick Cottage Sanitary Depot, Beaumont Street, Hillhouse Road, Fitzwilliam St Cellar, Leeds Road (and the following on Leeds Yard: Learoyds Yard, Perseverence Building), Whiteheads yard and Leroyds Yard. Only one entry gave a place of origin in Ireland: Maria Petterson who was born in Dublin, Ireland (her husband Patrick was an Excavator from Ireland. The entries for the following surnames were born in Irealand: Berry (Master Dyer, Commercial Traveler)Carter (Ladies Attendant R. Station), Chadwick (Bank Clerk), Craig (son- Cloth Finisher), Flaherty (Woolen Feeder), Foley (Hawker), Goulden (Laborer Gas Works), Grady (Dry Goods Porter), Hannon (Glazier, kids: Mechanic App, Cloth Finisher, Woolen Piecer), Kelly (Marble Mason), May (Mason's Laborer, Collier), Morgan (Hawker), O'Hara (Warehouseman, daughter a cigar maker), O'Heriran (Brick Laborer), Phinn (daughter was a Card feeder Textiles), Ryan (Marble Polisher, General Laborer, Painer, Cotton Winder), Taylor (Tiernay (Bricklayer), Wilson (Railway Servant) and Wright (Confectioner and kids Dressmaker, Sewing Machinist, Housemaid Domestic).

The majority of Irish-born in District 27 were living on Bradford Road, with the rest on Eleanor Street, Honoria Street and Halifax Old Road. George Kitson (Stone Mason) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was Margaret Clements (Wool Reeler) and John Malone (Laborer in the Gas Works). Susan Cotton was born in Kings County, Ireland, Catherine O'Donnell (Gen Dom Svt) was born in Donegal and Cecila Warbrick was born in County Derry, Ireland.

The Irish in District 28 were scattered among three streets: Bradford Road, Hillhouse Road and Whitestone Road (and White Cabin Railway on the same street). Helen Nockton, Pat Fizsimmonds (Laborer) and Pat Gilligan were born in Roscommon, David Love (Lab Railway), Benjamin McWilliams (Cigar Maker)(kids/wife born in Huddersfield- machinist, winey? weaver, Woolen Weaver, Wheelwright) and Robert Johnstone were born in Belfast. Francis Bullough was born in Dublin, Michael Nolan (Stoker Gas Works) was born in Kilkenny and THomas Hoey Senior was born in Louth.

There was only one Irish-born individual living in District 29: Mary Winter was born in Ireland and her husband Thomas (tailor) was born in Leeds. They lived on Birkby Hall Road.

The Irish-born in District 30 were living on Halifax Old Road, Poplar Villas and Cowcliffe. Only two families listed their place of origin in Ireland: Ellen Rimer who was born in Dublin and Henry and Mary McElroy (he was a printer) who were born in Belfast. The following surnames were listed as being born in Ireland: Brooks (Pupil Teacher), Foster, Hamil (Farmer), Nolan (Plate Layer), McCabe (Lab), Mulliaque? (Domestic Servant) and Oates (Commercial Traveller).

There were no Irish-born families in District 31.

There was only one Irish born family in District 32: James Brennan, his wife Christiana and son John William living on what appears to be Gledhill Bank. James was a Provision Salesman born in Ireland, Christiana was born in Yorkshire (can't read area), and John William was an Errand Boy born in Huddersfield.

The only Irish-born families in District 33 were all born in Queens County, Ireland and include: Mary Burdon (wife of Charles, a Post Office clerk from Yorkshire), Patrick Dunne a Printer and Timothy Dunne a Shop Assistant. They were all living on Victoria Street.

There was only one Irish-born individual in District 34: Bridget Milnes a 59 year old Agricultural Laborer from Mitfield, Roscommon, Ireland living on Old Road Bradley.

There were no Irish-born living in District 35.

The Irish in District 36 were living on Far Town Green, Ash Brow and Bradford Roads. Maria McGrath, a widow, was listed as being born in Waterford while her children (a stationerand asst clerk among them) were born in Dublin. The following were born in Ireland: Ann Doyle (Domestic Servant), Mary A Bourger and Honor Joyce (Domestic Servant).

There was a fairly large number of Irish-born living in the District Model Lodging House on Chapel Hill. The Irish from County Mayo were: Martin Geratay (Pedlar), John Welsh (Mas Lab), Martin Crofton (Farm Lab), Wallis Procton (Pedlar) and Michael Mitchell (Pedlar). From County Roscommon were: Michael Cassidy (Quarryman), THomas Gaser (Quarryman), Michael Flanigan (Card Room Man- Cotton), Patrick Clarke (Mas Lab) and John Hanley (Bricklayer). Anthony Cosgrove (Mas Lab) and Michael Costello (Pedlar) were from County Sligo. From Dublin were: Dennis Lawler (Pedlar), James Smith (Lab), Patrick Mann (Mas Lab), Peter Devine (Mech Lab- Dublin City) and John Smith (Mas Lab). Michael Conley (Mas Lab) was from County Galway. David Brenan (Tailor) was from Kilkenny, Ireland. William Kelly (Mas Lab) was from County Kildare, James Brown (Woolen Sorter) was from Limerick, John Rudey (Mas Lab) was from Couty Longford, James McKelly (Mas Lab) was from County Meath, John Farley (Mas Lab) was from County Meath, Michael Kean was from County Tyrone, Patrick Dunn (Mas Lab) was from County Tipperary, John Norton (Excavator) was from Queens County, Ireland. Finally, William Johnstone was born in Dundalk, Ireland and James White (Leather Tanner) was listed as being born in Mustin?, Ireland.