1851 Huddersfield England Census Irish Families in District 4 with Surnames U-Z

There are 3 Surnames represented in this section, the Wheetmans (is this Whitman?) Wood and Wright families. The two Wheetmans are listed as lodgers living with the McCabe family. The Wright family are listed as lodgers living with a very large group of others living at 7 Castlegate.

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
6 Lowerhead Row Wheetman, Catherine 52 Ireland Parish Pay U
6 Lowerhead Row Wheetman, Maria 16 York/Hudd/Eng Woolen Factor worker U
30 Leeds Road Wood, Samuel 59 Lancashire/ Ashton/Eng German Yeast Seller M
30 Leeds Road Wood, Ellen 35 Ireland   M
30 Leeds Road Wood, William 4 mos York/Hudd/Eng   U
7 Castlegate Wright, Isaac 27 Cheshire/ Stockport/Eng Stripper at Cotton Factory M
7 Castlegate Wright, Ellen 27 Ireland   M
7 Castlegate Wright, George 27 Cheshire/ Stockport/Eng   U