Irish Families in District 22 of the 1851 Huddersfield England Census Record

District 22 was described as covering the following areas in the census description of District 22 in, 1851 England Census for Huddersfield England: "All that part of the Township of Huddersfield comprising the South Side of West Parade, Greenhead Road, Vicarage, Greenhead House, Springwood House, Trinity Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Wentworth Place and Marsh Wood."

I have highlighted the heads of household in this compilation. Keep in mind that there were many lodgers, visitors living in the households of those that they weren't related to. Entire families are listed as lodgers in the households of others.

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
Greenhead Road Foy, Hiram, Head 44 Kent, Feverham, England Coachmaker M
Greenhead Road Foy, Mary, Wife 39 Huddersfield, England   M
Greenhead Road Foy, Sarah, Daughter 13 Huddersfield, England    
Greenhead Road Foy, Ann, Daughter 11 Huddersfield, England    
Greenhead Road Foy, Eliza, Daughter 6 Huddersfield, England    
Greenhead Road Foy, William, Son 4 Huddersfield, England    
Greenhead Road Foy, Lewis, Son 1 Huddersfield, England    
Greenhead Road Foy, Jeremiah, Father 76 Ireland Pensioner W
17 Trinity Street Glynn, Bridget, Servant (with Shepherd Family) 29 Ireland General Servant U
Fitzwilliam Street Malone, Amelia, Lodger (in home of Stubbs head school mistress) 16 Ireland School Mistress U
Fitzwilliam Street Montgomery, John Knowles, Lodger (with Armitage Family) 29 Ireland Unitarian Minister Bath Buildings? U
Greenhead Road Murphy, Thomas, Lodger (in Kays Family Lodging House) 30 Ireland Tailor U
23 Trinity Street Nixon, Robert, Lodger (with Brook Family) 27 Ireland Land Surveyor U