Irish Families in District 19 of the 1851 Huddersfield England Census Records with Surnames G-I

If a lodger or visitor living with a family is acknowledged as being related to the head of the household they will be included with that family even though their surname may be out of alphabetical order.

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
Grove Street Gallagher, Thomas, Head 34 Ireland Labourer (sic) M
Grove Street Gallagher, Ellen, Wife 34 Ireland Drefsmaker (sic) M
Grove Street Gallagher, Owen, Son 10 England Scholar  
Grove Street Gallagher, James, Son 7 England Scholar  
Grove Street Gallagher, Emma, Daughter 3 England    
Upperhead Row Gavin, James (lives with Wooley family from Galway) 28 Galway, Ireland Labourer (sic)  
Upperhead Row Giblin, John, Head 36 Sligo, Ireland Lab. M
Upperhead Row Giblin, Bridget, Wife 34 Sligo, Ireland   M
Upperhead Row Giblin, Brgt?, Daughter 15 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Weaver (woolens)  
Upperhead Row Giblin, Thomas, Son 13 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Scholar  
Upperhead Row Giblin, Michael, Son 5 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Scholar  
Upperhead Row Giblin, Ellen, Daughter 2 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Scholar  
Upperhead Row Giblin, Catherine, Daughter 11 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Servant  
Upperhead Row Gordon, Patrick, Head (Wallis, lodgers from same town live with them) 25 Moylough, Galway, Ireland Labourer (sic) M
Upperhead Row Gordon, Bridget, Wife 22 Moylough, Galway, Ireland   M
Upperhead Row Higgins, Thomas, Visitor with Carney family from Sligo 26 Sligo, Ireland Labourer (sic) U
Duke Street Hirst, Mary, Head (M Eastwood Lodger from Yorkshire lives with them) 33 Limerick, Ireland Laundrefs (sic) W
Duke Street Hirst, George, Son 18 Gibralter, Spain Porter  
Duke Street Hirst, Thomas, Son 10 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    
Duke Street Hirst, Joshua, Son 7 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    
Barker's Yard Hunt, John, Lodger with Berrin family from Roscommon) 30 Sligo, Ireland Labourer (sic) M
Barker's Yard Hunt, Mary, Wife (live with Berrin family) 28 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Hawker M
Barker's Yard Hunt, Tim, Son (live with Berrin Family) 1 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England