Irish Families in District 13 of the 1851 Huddersfield England Census Records

District 13 was described as covering the following areas in the census description of District 13 in, 1851 England Census for Huddersfield England: "All that part of the Township of Huddersfield comprising the North Side of Kirkgate to the Old CHurch, Swan Yard, South Side Kirk Gate from the Pack Horse Inn, Market Place, East Side New Street, North King Street, to Kaye's Shop, West Cross Church Street, West Queen Street, North Ramsdon Street, Shambles Swine Market ending South Side Ramsden Street."

I have highlighted the heads of household in this compilation. Keep in mind that there were many lodgers, visitors living in the households of those that they weren't related to. Entire families are listed as lodgers in the households of others.

Regarding Surname Hellawell: There was one entry on Market Place for a Elizabeth Hellawell, a widow employed as a Hatter who was born in Crossland Moor. There is a Crossland in Londonderry, Ireland and a Crosslands in Wexford Ireland as well. She is not included in this compilation because I am less than certain of her origins- Ireland vs England.

Regarding Surname MacMillan: A McMillan family descendent in Australia has filled me in on some crucial, fascinating details about this family. First of all their surname is spelled McMillan not Mac Millan. According to him James hailed from Killinchy, County Down, Ireland. He worked for Martin Sons and Company in Huddersfield- one of the premier woolen and worsted mills in the area in the mid 19th Century. Apparently, James must have followed a migration trail from Belfast where Patrick Martin the company's founder, hailed from. As this company was one of the largest Huddersfield employer at the time, it would be interesting to see what other Irish might have followed the same trail from Belfast or the surrounding area. Special Kudos to Rob for sharing this information. Here is a link to the Martin Sons and Company that he provided

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
King's Street Berry, Margaret, Assistant (Hoskin Family from Falmouth) 14 Waterford, Ireland House Servant U
Cross Church Street Brown, Jane, Servant with the Burston Family from 20 Galway, Ireland Servant U
Ramsden Costello, Martin, Lodger (living with Lister Family) 20 Molbay?, County Clare, Ireland (Could it be Moy Beg?) Laborer M
Ramsden Costello, Bridget, Lodger and Wife 19 County Mayo, Ireland (Town N.K. - not known?)   M
Ramsden Dorcy, Mary, Lodger with Lister Family 21 Molboy?, County Clare, Ireland (possibly Moy Beg?)   U
King Street Handley, Mary, Servant with Bowes family from Scotland 20 Castlereagh, Ireland Servant U
Kirkgate Kelly, Winniford, Servant with Swallow family of Nottinghamshire 16 Sligo, Ireland Servant U
Market Place Kennedy, Margaret, Servant with Ford Family from Devon 27 Castlereagh, Roscommon, Ireland House Servant U
Ramsden Lister, James, Head 29 Hudderfield, England Cart Driver M
Ramsden Lister, Bridget, Wife 28 Ballymote, County Sligo, Ireland   M
Ramsden Lister, Ellen, Daughter 7 Huddersfield, England    
Swan Yard MacMillan, James, Head 28 Belfast, Ireland Tailor M
Swan Yard MacMillan, Caroline, Wife 21? Oldham, Lancashire, England   M
Swan Yard MacMillan, Sarah Jane, Daughter 3 Huddersfield, England    
Swan Yard MacMillan, Charles William, Son 1 Huddersfield, England    
Swan Yard Haigh, Henry, Wife's Brother 28 Oldham, Lancashire, England Tailor U
Ramsden Neilam, William, Lodger with Lister Family 29 Castlecoote, Roscommon, Ireland Mason U