Irish Families in District 12 of the 1851 Huddersfield England Census Record

District 12 was described as covering the following areas in the census description of District 12 in, 1851 England Census for Huddersfield England: "All that part of the Township of Huddersfield comprising the West side of Kirkgate from the Dog Inn (exclusive), Peel and Chadwick's Yard, East side Cross Church Street, Dobson's Yard, North Side King Street, East Side Queen Street, Zetland Street South Side, King Street to Pilter's Corner."

I have highlighted the heads of household in this compilation. Keep in mind that there were many lodgers, visitors living in the households of those that they weren't related to. Entire families are listed as lodgers in the households of others.

Please note that these records are in alphabetical order with one exception: If they are related to the head of the household they will be listed under the Head of Household's surname.

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
Chadwick Fold Butler, Mary, Lodger (with Rattican Family from Ireland) 26 Ireland Lab? U
Chadwick Fold Cain, Mary, Lodger with Rattican Family from Ireland 28 Ireland Lab? U
Peels Yard Cassiday, Mary (living with Parrington family of Dewsbury) 15 Ireland Servant U
Church Street Eastwood, Maria (living with Franconi family from Parish) 22 Dublin, Ireland Servant U
White Lion Yard Flynn, Mary (living with Weads family from Ireland) 17 Ireland    
4 Queen Street Freeman, Mary, Assistant (living with Young Family from Huddersfield) 21 Ireland Servant U
King Street Galicha, Mary (living with Wilsman Family from Dewsbury) 17 Ireland Servant U
Peel's Yard Garvey, Christopher 26 Ireland Cobler's? Lab M
Ramsden Street Harry, John, Head 51 Gwinap, Cornwall, England Out Pensioner Chelsea M
Ramsden Street Harry, Isabella, Wife 46 Scotland Out Pensioner Chelsea? M
Ramsden Street Harry, Jane, Daughter 14 Dublin, Ireland    
Ramsden Street Harry, Charles, Son 9 Bangalon, East Indies    
Chadwick Fold Hayley, Anne, Lodger (with Beaumont Family from Huddersfield) 30 Sligo, Ireland Washerwoman W
Chadwick Fold Hayley, Margaret, Daughter 14 Sligo, Ireland Hawker  
Chadwick Fold Hayley, John, Son 12 Sligo, Ireland    
Chadwick Fold Hayley, Catherine, Daughter 9 Sligo, Ireland    
Chadwick Fold Hayley, Mary, Daughter 3 Sligo, Ireland    
Chadwick Fold Hince?, Judah, Lodger (living with Beaumont family from Huddersfield) 30 Galway, Ireland Hawker W
Chadwick Hince?, Michael, Son 7 Galway, Ireland    
Chadwick Fold Hollingwood, John, Lodger with Rattican Family from Ireland 26 Ireland Lab? M
Chadwick Fold Hollingwood, Elizh, Lodger 22 Wortley, Yorkshire, England Lab? M
Chadwick Fold Kenny, Thomas, Lodger with Rattican Family from Ireland 26 Ireland Lab U
King Street Maloy, Joseph, Lodger - living with Sowden family from Yorkshire 22 Ireland Carver and Gilder U
Peels Yard Mulloney, Thos, Head 43 Ireland Plasterer M
Peels Yard Mulloney, Anne, Wife 42 Ireland   M
Peels Yard Broderick, Henry 13 Ireland Servant U
Peels Yard Hall, Mary 21 Ireland Servant U
Peel's Yard McCarrick, Augustus 47 Sligo, Ireland Com. Traveller M
Peel's Yard McCarrick, Mary 44 Sligo, Ireland   M
Chadwick Fold Rattican, Michael, Head 36 Ireland Lab M
Chadwick Fold Rattican, Margaret, Wife 27 Ireland   M
Chadwick Fold Rattican, Maria, Daughter 6 Huddersfield, England Scholar U
Chadwick Fold Rattican, John, Son 4 Huddersfield, England Scholar  
Chadwick Fold Rattican, Catherine, Daughter 1 Huddersfield, England    
Chadwick Fold Rattican, Patk, Relative 44 Ireland Lab M
Chadwick Fold Clasby, Bridget, Relative 50 Ireland   M?
Peel's Yard Reyson?, Susanah 30 Sligo, Ireland   M
White Lion Yard Sharlock, Michal, Head 58 Dublin, Ireland Block Printer M
White Lion Yard Sharlock, Eliza, Wife 52 Dublin, Ireland Block Printer M
White Lion Yard Robinson, George 5 Cowcliffe, Yorkshire, England Nurse Child?  
Chadwick Fold Tully, John, Lodger with Rattican Family from Ireland 25 Ireland Lab U
White Lion Yard Wallace, Dennis (living with Weads from from Ireland) 25 Ireland Lab  
White Lion Yard Weads, Thos, Head 27 Ireland Laborer M
White Lion Yard Weads, Margaret, Wife 30 Ireland   M
White Lion Yard Weads, John, Son 4 Ireland    
White Lion Yard Weads, Mary Anne, Daughter 2 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    
White Lion Yard Weads, Ellen, Daughter 3 mos. Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England    

These records were collected from 1851 England Census (Database online) Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc, 2005. (Data acquired from the National Archives, London, England.)