The Michael Boyle and Bridget Brennan Family of Huddersfield England: An Analysis of their Migration from Ireland to Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

The Connaught Counties of Galway, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo are heavily represented in the Huddersfield England Census Records when the county names are given as a place of birth. The amazing research compiled on the Irish in England by great authors like Donald Macraid, Roger Swift, Donald E Jordan Junior, Sheridan Gilley, Kevin O'Connor, John Belchem, Frank Boyce and L. W. Brady among others seems to support repeated migration trails from certain counties in Ireland to certain places in England.

My objective in this research is to analyze the Brennan Families in Huddersfield England Census records over the years to see migration pattern trends from certain counties, possible Civil Parishes in Ireland and even with families of the surname itself. I hope to eventually connect them to the Brennans that I am identifying in the Catholic Church Records in both County Mayo and County Roscommon Ireland. This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with GRO of England marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical records. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Analysis of the Michael Boyle/Bridget Brennan Family thus far: It appears that Bridget is most likely the daughter of James Brennan and Margaret Mack who originated in County Roscommon, Ireland. James was a Gardener according to his 1861 census (Gardener is listed as his occupation on their marriage record). I have traced two other Boyle Families in the Huddersfield area: Thomas Boyle and Anne Fili who witnessed the marriage of my second great grandparents and Luke and Margaret Boyle who hail from Kilcommon, Mayo, Ireland. Thomas Boyle and the Michael Boyle analyzed on this page both have a John Boyle for their father. I am unsure of Luke Boyle's father's name at this point. Thy were all in the Huddersfield area at the same time and Michael, Thomas and Luke all lived on Windosor Court in the early 1850's. The coincidence is intriguing to be certain! This page needs a lot of work. There is a James Boyle, Grandson age 10 living with James Brennan and Margaret Mack in 1881 and both a Mary Boyle 22 Grand Daughter and James Boyle 28 Grand son living with them in 1891. It may not be the Mary and James, children of Michael and Bridget Boyle. A Michael Boyle (Bar Man) age 22 (son of James Boyle a Bar man) married Anne Gorbutt a 20 yr old in Huddersfield St Paul's Church December 11, 1889, so there was another Boyle family in the area. A Mary Boyle died in Huddersfield quarter ending March 1862 as well (no date is given and I am unsure if this is Mary Boyle (Michael and Bridget's daughter) or from another family. At this point I am unsure of what happened to Bridget Boyle or their son Johnny as I have not been able to find them in later census records as of yet.

Census Yr/District other Record Address Name Age Born/ Baptized Occupation Marital Status/ Misc Info
GRO England Marriage Record Huddersfield England   Michael Boyle married Bridget Brinan October 31, 1853 St. Patrick's Church, Huddersfield Michael -22; Bridget 16     Michael was a Laborer, son of John Boyle a Shoemaker; Bridget was the daughter of James Brinan a Gardner; Michael lived on Windsor Court and Bridget on Swan Yard; John Boyle and Ann Fowley witnesses.
Free BMD England Marriage Index   Boyle, Michael married Brinan, Bridget quarter ending December 1853 Huddersfield       Volume 9a; page 476
St Patrick's Church Huddersfield, England   Boyle, Michael married Brigdet Br---? October 31, 1853 St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield       Michael of Windsor Court was the son of John; Bridget the daughter of James of Swan Yard; this marriage record was provided by the West Yorkshire Archive Service- the entry was of poor quality.
St. Patrick's Church, Huddersfield Records   Mary Boyle was baptized December 18, 1858 St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield       Mary was the Daughter of Michael Boyle and Bridget Brennan (key info thanks to Caroline - a genealogist researching the Duffy's of Huddersfield!)
St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield England Baptismal Record   John Boyle, son of Michael Boyle and Bridget Brennon   Baptized April 24, 1856 St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England   William Kelly and Mary Boyle were sponsors; many thanks for this rec from Ros- a Genealogist from England !!!
1861 Huddersfield Yorkshire England Census Dsitrict 13 Peel's Yard Boyle, Michael, Head 30 Ireland Mason's Laborer M
1861 Huddersfield District 13 Peel's Yard Boyle, Bridget, Wife 24 Ireland   M
1861 Huddersfield District 13 Peel's Yard Boyle, Mary, Daughter 5 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England    
1861 Huddersfield District 13 Peel's Yard Boyle, Johnny, Son 12 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England    
Free BMD England Death Index- Huddersfield (Possible death record for Michael?)   Boyle, Michael died Quarter ending December 1868 in Huddersfield at the age of 38       Volume 9a; page 226.