A View From the "Hill of Slane, " Slane, County Meath Ireland: Site Where St Patrick Lit the First Easter Fire, Defied the Pagan High King and Brought Christianity to Ireland

The "Hill of Slane" in Slane, County Meath, Ireland is a landmark along the Slane Historic Trail. A series of markers along this trail dot the tiny town of Slane. The Hill of Slane at one time was the site of a 6th century Monastery and Church that was decimated by invaders. The vistas from the 16th ruins of a religious college and church that remain on the Hill of Slane (where this photo was taken) are quite impressive. St. Patrick was said to have lit the first Easter Fire in 433 on the Hill of Slane in defiance of the Pagan High King of Tara and thus brought Christianity to Ireland.

Hill of Slane Vista, County Meath, Ireland