John C. Garvey: a County Mayo, Ireland Landlord in the 19th Century

John Christopher Garvey was one of the most prevalent Landlords in Oughaval Civil Parish, Murrisk Barony when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1855. He was the primary landlord in 9 Townlands (Bellataleen, Carrowkeel, Carrowkeeran, Drummin East, Lenacraigaboy, Murrisk Demesne, Murrisknaboll, Shavalleybeg and Teevenacroaghy), 3 Islands (Cahernaran Island, Inishdaugh and Inisheeny) plus he held two parcels in Oughty and 2 in Pollanaughty. (Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Oughaval).

John C Garvey, Murrisk Abbey, was documented as being present at a Westport meeting (that took place around 1842). (Quinn, Vol 4, Ch 7, P. 234). Westport was one of the major market towns in Oughaval Civil Parish.

I found a notation about a John C Garvey being a rate defaulter in Ballintober and Drum, but I don't believe this is the same Garvey as these 2 Civil Parishes are in Carra not Murrisk Barony.

It appears that the earlier Garvey ancestors in Murrisk were forced out of the Lahinch, Hollymount Estate in favor of the Brownes of Westport who were already property rich. (Quinn, vol 4, Ch 7, p. 210).

In the 1876 "Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards, in the Several Counties, Counties of Cities, and Counties of Towns in Ireland" showed the "Reps" of JC Garvey living in Murrisk Barony having 230 and some odd acres in County Mayo. His Son, Francis Christopher Garvey, who resided in Murrisk Abbey, Westport was documented as having 1890 acres in Mayo. (Local Gov't Board, 1876; 1988, p. 309).

There was a notation in the parliamentary debates documented on the Hansard Digitisation Project site from July 21, 1914 that inquired as to whether the "Congested Districts Board had made an offer for the purchase of the estate of Mr. Francis C Garvey, Murris Abbey, County Mayo." The response to the inquiry indicated that the offer to purchase had been made but not yet accepted. Apparently the Land Commission had questions that needed to be resolved first. (Hansard Digitisation Project website; UK Parliament Debates, July 21, 1914, Vol 64, cc259-62). Mr. Francis C Garvey is the son of John C Garvey. Further Debates took place in August and a revised offer was made for the purchase of the above-mentioned property. (Hansard Digitisation Project Website; HC Deb Aug 31, 1914, Vol 66, cc383-5W).

Further details on the Hansard Digitisation Project and their online presentation of the UK Parliamentary Debates is given in my works sited section provided below. It is the most comprehensive information I have been able to find thus far (short of going to Ireland and perusing the records in PRONI or the National Library of Ireland) on actions of the Congested Districts Board as they affected County Mayo Estates. The detailed debates covered on this site are a wonderful resource for genealogists. Information provided on this website is accessible to the public and protected under parliamentary copyright.