Gahagan (Goaghan, Goghan, Geoghegan, Gaughan) Families in Kilfian Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname M-N

The Letter "B" listed under event refers to Baptism. If a birth is given, I willl list it under the miscellaneous column.

Date Event Gahagan Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
June 20, 1830 B Gaughan, Luke McDonnell, Sarah Glenedagh (likely Glenedagh Eighter or Oughter in Kilfian CP) Bridget; born June 18, 1830
January 13, 1833 B Gaughan, Luke McDonnell, Sally Glenedagh Anne; born January 9, 1833
February 20, 1836 B Gaughan, Luke McDonnell, Sibby Glendagh Pat; Born February 19, 1836
February 2, 1834 M Geogan, Eleanor MacHale, Michl Ballybeg (there is a Ballybeg in Rathreagh CP)  
February 13, 1831 M Gaughan, John McHale, Catherine Ballyduane (likely Belladooan in Kilfian CP)  
April 15, 1832 B Gaughan, Jno McHale, Catherine B Duane? (possisbly Belladooan in Kilfian CP?) Jno; Born April 10, 1832
November 15, 1833 B Gaughan, Catharine McHale, Francis ? Rich'd; Born November 3, 1833
January 14, 1827? M Gahagan, Mary McHeal, Pat Kincun ( likely Kincon in Kilfian CP) Elizabeth Gahagan was one of the witnesses; no kindred??
July 13, 1832 B Gahagan, Mary McHale, Patt Karakeel? John; born July 12, 1832
December 10, 1829 B Gahagan, Mary MacHaleson, Richard Kincon? (this is a townland in Kilfian CP) Richard; Catharine Gahagan was one of the sp for this baptism
April 11, 1829 M Gaughan, Mary Monnelly, Rich'd Cloontakille? (likely Cloontakillew in Kilfian CP) John Gaughan was one of the witnesses
December 13, 1835 B Gaughan, Mary Mannelly, Richard Fehey? (possibly the Townland of Fahy in Kilfian CP) Pat; Born December 13, 1835
January 18, 1829 B Gaughan, Elenor Monaghan, Rick Ardnagor? There is an Ardnagor is a Townland in Rathreagh Civil Parish that is just east of Kilfian CP Bridget; born January 15, 1829
January 24, 1832 B Goaghan, Eleanor Monaghan, Richard Ardnagor Mary; born January 22, 1832
July 15, 1834 B Gaughan, Eleanor Monyhan, Rich'd Ardnagur Jos?; Born July 12, 1834