Gahagan (Goaghan, Goghan, Geoghegan, Gaughan) Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname O-R

I have only seen the variant Gaughan thus far in the early years of this film. The records are extremely faded and difficult to read. The following compilation is my best interpretation of what I found.

Regarding Surname Ruane: There is a Marriage record for a Dan'l Ruane to Mary Gough? on February 13, 1833

Date Event Gahagan (and Variations) Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info
December 8, 1835 B Gaughan, Richard Realy, Celia Lodge Thos; born December 6, 1835
March 9, 1841 B Gaughan, Rich'd Rielly, Sibby Lodge Anthony
March? 24, 1846 (Page before was April but April is listed after this record on the page) B Gaughan, Richard O'Reily?, Sibby? High?? Anne?
January 31, 1865 M Gaughan?, Anne Roche, David Stripe? (there is a Stripe in Kilbeagh CP in Costello Barony County Mayo and one in Co Galway as well)  
February ? 1869 M Gaughan, Honor Roche, Edward Stripe