Gahagan (Goaghan, Goghan, Geoghegan, Gaughan) Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouses Surname J-L

I have only seen the variant Gaughan thus far in the early years of this film. The records are extremely faded and difficult to read. The following compilation is my best interpretation of what I found.

Date Event Gahagan (and Variations) Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info
April 23, 1845 M Gaughan, Bryan Jordan?, Biddy? (unsure of her maiden name) Letterbrick (Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
April 28, 1846 M Gaughan, Bryan Jordan, Biddy Ballybrinagh? (Ballybrinoge is a Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
October 30, 1864 B Gaughan, Mary Keanaghoo, Michael C Gariff Michael
June 17, 1869 B Gaughan, Mary Keanaghan? Carrogariff? Honor
January 3, 1833 M Gaughan, Anne Kelly, John Xmolina  
February 7, 1833 M Gaughan, Mary Kerby, James Ballybranoge (likely Ballybrinoge in Crossmolina CP)  
March 9, 1841 B Gaughan, Mary Laden?, Patt Lodge Patt;
March 13, 1869 M Gaughan, Mary Lavelle?, John Cun--ane? (hard to decipher)  
June 6, 1869 B Gaughan, M-? Macnamara, Kitty Lodge Celia