Gahagan (Goaghan, Goghan, Geoghegan, Gaughan) Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouses Surname D-F

I have only seen the variant Gaughan thus far in the early years of this film. The records are extremely faded and difficult to read. The following compilation is my best interpretation of what I found.

Date Event Gahagan (and Variations) Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info
February 20, 1886 M Gaughan, Patrick Dairy, Sabina it appears that both witnesses are from Letterbrick  
April 11, 1852 B Gaughan?, Michael Diasy?, Honor Dereen; Derreen is a Townland in Crossmolina CP Ann (Mary Corcoran Sponsor)
May 16, 1845 B Gaughan, William Donnelly?, Mary Church Street/ 3rd? Mary
January 14, 1853 B Gaughan, Wm? Donnelly, Mary Xmolina (likely abbreviated version of Crossmolina) Ann
February 25, 1854 B Gaughan, Wm? Donnally, --y? xmolina nearly impossible to read childs name
January 1, 1857 B Gaughan, Wm? Donelly, Mary Xmolina Wm?
January ?, 1862 B Gaughan, Wm Donnelly, Meary? Xmolina Bridget
June 1863 B Gaughan, William Donnally, Bridget Xmolina John
January 4, 1880 B Gaughan, Edward Donohoe, Ellen Tub-d? (likely Tubbrid Beg or More in Crossmolina CP) Thomas
March 1855 M Gaughan, Cate Doolin?, John Rathnacostello (likely Rathmacostello, a Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
August 13, 1864 B Gaughan, Cath'n Doughen?, John Gortane-? (possible Gortaneden in Crossmolina CP?) Jas
December ?, 1868? B Gaughan, Bridget Dunne?, James S---oe? Jm? or Tom?
May 22, 1870 B Gaughan, Biddy Dunne?, James? Rath -? or Bath-? Mary
May 18, 1873 B Gaughan, Bridget Dunne, James -arnscoe?? (hard to decipher) Michael
May 30, 1875 B Gaughan, Bridget Dunne, James ? (can't decipher) looks like -uinene John
March 6, 1854 B Gaughan, Wm Flemming?, Biddy ? Wm?