Gahagan (Goaghan, Geoghegan, Goghan, Gaughan etc) Families in Ballina Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland with Spouses Surname J-L

Gaughan was the only Gahagan surname variant that I observed occupying property in the Griffith's Valuation for Kilmoremoy in 1856. Anthony, Michael, Richard, Eleanor and William Gaughan all held parcels in the Town of Ballina, while James Gaughan held land in Farrannoo while Jane Gaughan held a house, garden and office in the Townland of Laghtadawannagh. Date of Birth, if provided will be noted in the Misc. Info section.

The early records of Item 15 of this film are extremely disappointing. I have looked at over 600 records where the writing is nearly invisible. If you have family in this parish, be sure to get this film yourself to see if you can extricate any other information on them that I might have missed!

Re: surname Kenedy: There is a marriage record that is quite difficult to decipher that may be a Kenedy. It occurred on the 13th, 1827 John Morly or Kenedy? married Bridt Gaughan.

Date Event Gahagan Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
February 5, 1832 B Gaughan, Kitty Kerigan, William Hill Street Bridget; born February 3, 1832
June 13, 1828 B Gaughan, Thos Lynch, Mary Barghfy (Likely Breaghwy in Kilmoremoy CP) Ann (Born June 11, 1828) This child appears to be listed as illegitimate