Gahagan (Goaghan, Geoghegan, Goghan, Gaughan etc) Families Identified in the Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

Ballina Roman Catholic Parish covers Kilmoremoy Civil Parish in County Mayo, Ireland. There were only 18 Townlands in Kilmoremoy Civil Parish when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856. This is a relatively small Civil Parish compared to others in County Mayo, but it contains Ballina, a significant market town in the mid 19th Century.

I have created a specific webpages on the following topics that may be of interest to descendents whose ancestors hailed from Ballina in County Mayo: a page on the Market Town of Ballina, the Townlands in Kilmoremoy, the characteristics of Kilmoremoy and one on the Gahagans (and all surname variations) in the Griffith's Valuation for Kilmoremoy.

Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Roman Catholic Parish Church records for this parish are found on LDS microfilm #1279204 that covers baptisms 1823-1836 and 1850-1867, marriages 1823-1842 and 1849-1868, and deaths 1823-1842. LDS Microfilm # 1279205 covers baptisms 1868-1879. The LDS church has parish register printouts for marriages from 1770-1823. Due to the early nature of these records they may be from the Church of England parish records; the Kilmoremoy Parish Church of England Records are also available on Microfilm #897365. When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Kilmoremoy Civil Parish in 1856, there were no documented Roman Catholic Chapels; however, there was a Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in the Townland of Ballina, a Presbyterian Church, Baptist Preaching House and Methodist Chapel in the Town of Ballina that lies within the Townland of Ballina. The only Graveyard noted in the Griffith's Valuation for Kilmoremoy was in the Townland of Ardoughan.. I am currently in the process of viewing items 15-16 in Microfilm 1279204 and the early records of this film are extremely disappointing. There were over 600 records between 1823 and 1826 that were so pale that I could barely tell that there was any writing on the pages. If you feel that your family is in this parish, I would definitely check out the other microfilm (1279205); and see if you can extrapolate any additional information from 1279204 that I might have missed. I am sure there are Gahagan (Gaughan etc) records hidden in the early 1820's of this film that I am missing.

Gaughan was the only Gahagan surname variant that I observed occupying property in the Griffith's Valuation for Kilmoremoy in 1856. Anthony, Michael, Richard, Eleanor and William Gaughan all held parcels in the Town of Ballina, while James Gaughan held land in Farrannoo while Jane Gaughan held a house, garden and office in the Townland of Laghtadawannagh.

Other Genealogical Records noting Gahagans:

  1. Michael Gahagan, age 17 born in Kilmoremoy, Mayo, Ireland, Brogue Maker?, was enlisted into the 97th Foot Soldiers in Dublin, Ireland on December 21, 1813. (see database Canada British Regimental Registers of Service 1756-1906.

I have done my best to correctly transcribe these records, but after five or so hours behind a microfilm reader, the likelihood of mistakes in both interpretation and transcription most certainly increases. I have the microfilm and item number on which the records were found so you can confirm the information. In an attempt to minimize download times I have limited the information presented on each family. The records in this section will document Baptisms (B) and Marriages (M). I also have documented all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Gahagans (Gaughans); although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible Townlands that might provide a missing link. There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

These records are presented by spouse's surname:

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