Gahagan Families (and Surname Variations Goaghan, Geoghegan, Goghan, Gaughan) in Backs Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname G-I

The Letter "B" listed under event refers to Baptism. If a birth is given, I willl list it under the miscellaneous column.

Date Event Gahagan Surname and variations Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
2/26/1843 M Gaughan, Michl Gaughan, Biddy Sraheen?  
January 26?, 1845 M Gaughan, Patt Gaughan, Brigt Lisiniska (likely Lissaniska East or West in Ballynahaglish CPP  
1/24/1842 M Gaughan, Brgt Gillmartin, Thady Lisaniska (likely Lissaniska East or West in Ballynahaglish CP) Brigt Gaughan was one of the witnesses
February 3?, 1844 M Gaughan, James Green, Bab? Carravanin  
February 24, 1835 M Gaughan Mary Hart?, Patt Patt was from Carronlick (possibly Carrownalecka in Ballinrobe CP, Kilmaine Barony; Mary was a resident of Gortnadregher (likely Gortnadrehy in Ballynahaglish CP, Tirawley Barony)  
? 25, 18--? B Gaughan, Nelly Hobin, Martin Curlamin? Could it be Corlummin in Ballynahaglish CP  
January 25, 1835 M Gaughan, Michl Hopkins, Bridget Lisinsky; likely Lissaniska East or West in Ballynahaglish CP Denis
February 19, 1850 M Gaughan, Mary Hughes, Edward Edward and Mary both resided in Tonebeha??  
July 26, 1853??? (left side of page was 1850 and right clearly says 1853- next several pages are the same way) M Gaughan, Mary Hughes, James Mary was from Sraheen; James from Toomore; There is a Sraheens in Kilmovee Civil Parish in Costello Barony, Achll Civil Parish in Burrishoole Barony and Bohola CP in Gallen Barony...there is a Toomore in Toomore CP in Gallen Barony. This RCP parish is in Tirawley Barony. Ellen Gaughan was one of the witnesses