Gahagan Families (and Surname Variations Goaghan, Geoghegan, Goghan, Gaughan) in Backs Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname D-F

The Letter "B" listed under event refers to Baptism. If a birth is given, I willl list it under the miscellaneous column.

Date Event Gahagan Surname and variations Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
1?/?/1838 M Gaughan, Bridget Daily?, Dick??? *** this page was torn- and appeared to be scanned or pasted out of allignment-can't be positive that this is her spouse! His name is clear but it may not go with her name. Be sure to order this film and evaluate this page! See the record below that appeared on the next page Rathbane? There is a Rathbaun in Ballynahaglish CP?  
January 26, 1840 M Gaughan, Ellen Demey?, Michl

Rathbaun (a townlan in Ballynahaglish CP)

?, 15th, ? B Gaughan, Bt? Dempey?, Michl Rathbane? Jame? (some baptismal records appear to have been thrown into the marriage section???)
February 5, 1850 M Gaughan, Anne Devany, John Stonehall (a townland in Ballynahaglish CP)  
2/4/1838 M Gaughan, Bridget Duffy, Martin Rathbane? There is a Rathbaun in Ballynahaglish CP? This record appeared on the next page after the torn page that listed the record noted above - but the rest of the page is different so it may be a completely different Bridget.
February 19, 1838 M Gaughan, Anne Durkin, Owen Lisaniska (likely Lissaniska East or West in Ballynahaglish CP)  
January 27, 1833 M Gaughan Mary Fergus, Patt Pat Fergus appears to be from Calladafsin? and Mary Gaughan from Rahans (a Townland in Ballynahaglish Civil Parish)  
February 12, 1839 M Gaughan, Margret Foday??, John (his surname and the townland are difficult to decipher) Gurnndreha? (could it be Gortnadrehy in Ballynahaglish CP?)  
October 2, 1853?? (The left side of the page was 1850 and this page is clearly 1853... the next page is the same way with 1850 on the left and 1853 on the right M Gaughan, Barbara Foody, patrick Cooleron? was the residence for both  
December 8, 1851 M Gaughan, Walter Flynn, Mary Walter resided in Lisaniska (Ballynahaglish) and Mary in Knockmore- also in Ballynahaglish CP) Thos Gaughan was one of the witnesses
February 9?, 1833 M Gaughan, Martin Flynne, Mary