Gahagan Families (and all variations) Traveling from Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Arriving in the Port of New York, U.S.A. in the Second Quarter of 1840, Documented in Ship Passenger and Port Arrival Lists

A large percentage of the Irish that emigrated from the Connaught areas of Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Sligo and Leitrim departed from the Liverpool Port in Lancashire, England. The ship passenger lists are an important part of our genealogical research-the link that "gets us across the pond" from America to Europe. It is perhaps the biggest gap in my own genealogical research that I have yet to find my Brennan/Corcoran Great Grand Parents in the "Famine Ship" passenger lists. The Surname Gahagan (and its numerous variations) was not one of the 25 most prevalent surnames in Ireland (unlike my Brennan Surname) but the task can still be a bit daunting, but none the less an important search to undertake!

These Records will be presented first by month of arrival, alphabetically by ship name and then the "clusters" of Gahagans that appear to have traveled together will be presented alphabetically by given name. If you think you see your family in this compilation, make a point to secure the original record from available sources such as to make your own assessment because they may be travelling with friends that I have not included in this compilation that may open up your whole tree!

Ship and Arrival Date Gahagan and Origins if given Other Gahagans that appear to be traveling with them Age Occupation Misc. Info. such as destination Database Resource
Lancashire; arrival April 8, 1840 Gaghahon, Barney of Ireland   24 Laborer Pennsylvania New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957 Database online Provo, UT USA
"   Gaghahon, John of Ireland 24 Laborer Pennsylvania "
Lancashire; arrival April 8, 1840 Gaghahon, Thos of Ireland   28 Clerk North Carolina? "
"   Gaghahon, Cathl of Ireland 18 Servant North Carolina? "