The David Geoghegan and Winifred Cain Family (and David's Subsequent Second Marriage to Mary Collins) of Derryheeagh, Kilgeever Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland: An Analysis of this Family's Origins in County Mayo, Ireland, Migration to Australia and the United States

Derryheeagh was a Townland of just over 312 acres in Kilgeever Civil Parish, Lousiburgh Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted. I have only gone through one microfilm(1279212) on Kilgeever Civil Parish, but have identified six different Geoghegan Families. Unfortunately, townlands weren't given for any of them.

Karen Hughes of Australia, (whose husband is a descendent of the David Geoghegan and Winifred Cain of Derryheeagh, County Mayo, Ireland), has done some extensive research on this family and has generously shared her findings on the core of this Irish Family's migration to Australia and beyond to the United States. The bridges created between the Irish microfilm records and this family's dispersal were made possible by her research. We would love to hear from other descendents of these Geoghegans who might be able to fill in more parts of the puzzle!

My objective in this research is to analyze the Geoghegan families in the County Mayo, Ireland (where my Gahagans originated) to see if there were shared migration patterns and links between our families. This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical records. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. I would love to hear from anyone who feels they may be connected to this family or the others I have identified. I welcome any and all feedback, corrections- they benefit us all

The following are research Observations identified in Parish Microfilm and other Records and Family Lore per Karen Hughes: I have not found any baptismal records for the children of David Geoghegan and Winifred Cain in this microfilm, but I did see baptisms for children he had with his second wife Mary Collins (Peter baptized May 4, 1855, Thomas baptized November 21, 1858 and and Margaret baptized May 2, 1861- all on 1279212 item 4). According to Karen, David Geoghegan married his second wife Mary Collins some time around 1850 after his wife Winifred died.

David Geoghegan and Winifred Cain appear to have had at least four children: John, Anne (Nancy), Mary and Patrick. I have not found these baptismal records in the 1279212 Kilgeever microfilm. They may be in the microfilm I have yet to view.

John Geoghegan who married Catherine Reilly (O'Reilly). John Geoghegan and wife Catherine Reilly passed through Ontario, Canada on the way to the United States in the late 1860's then later left for Australia around 1887 with 5 younger children. One son, Michael remained in Massachusetts. The only baptismal record I have found for this family thus far is for son Michael on April 4, 1863 (item 4, 1279212).

Anne (Nancy) Geoghegan who married Michael O'Malley sometime around 1858). Ann Geoghegan and Michael O'Malley had children Patrick, Bridget, Anne, Mary and Michael and they migrated to Australia. I haven't found baptismal records or a marriage record for this family thus far.

Mary Geoghegan who married Thady Kitterick. Mary Geoghegan and Thaddeus Kitterick remained in Ireland until Thaddeus' death at which time wife Mary and son Patrick left Ireland for Clinton, Massachusetts in 1887 where her daughter Bridget and husband Thomas Callahan lived. Apparently the Kitterick name was changed to Kettridge upon coming to the U.S. I have found the baptismal records for 5 of their children in film 1279212: Patrick on June or July 3, 1872, Lackey on June 24, 1855, Winifred on June 7, 1860, Catherine on November 12, 1865 and Ann on March 26, 1869.

Patrick Geoghegan. According to Karen, Patrick left for Australia around 1864, married Johanna Nolan in 1869, they had four children and she died around 1876.