The Margarita Frain and Dionysis (Dennis) Beening Family in the St Joseph Church Records, South Bend, Indiana

I believe that the Margarita Frain in the following baptismal records was Maggie the daughter of John Frain and Catherine Holden. Her parents were close friends of my second great grandparents Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran and may have travelled with them by train from New York. Mary, their other daughter who was a possibilty as a match to this record was listed as being married in Omaha Nebraska in the St Joseph 1880 . According to the 1900 census for Dennis (Dionysis) and Margarite Beening Margarite was born October 1865 (a close match to the birthday of Maggie (about 1861) in the 1876 St Joseph Church census records. This would rule out Mary who would have been born about 1853.

This is a work in progress!

Type of Record/ Church Date Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Witnesses/ Sponsors Notes
Baptism/ St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana 10/10/1897 Beening, Dionysis Frain, Margaritta Annam Mariam Petrus Frain and Catherina Maher Born 9/18/1897
Baptism/ St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana 6/6/1900 Beening, Dionysis Frain, Margarita Glenn? Johannem Michael Beening and Margarita Hilliard Born May 11, 1900 (cross with 8/10/1900 with this record?)