Charles Lionel Fitzgerald: A County Mayo Ireland Landlord in the 19th Century

Charles Lionel Fitzgerald was one of the primary Landlords in both Turlough and Kildacommodge Civil Parish (Carra Barony) when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1857. He dominated the following 18 Townlands in Turlough Civil Parish: Ballinvoash, Ballyguin, Capparanny, Cappavicar North, Cappavicar South, Carrowkeel, Cloghadockan, Cloonkesh, Derrynacross, Drumdaff, Gortnafolla, Killard, Knockanour, Leckneen, Luggana Schlere, Monumentpark, Rockfield and Turlough. He dominated 7 Townlands in Kildacommoge Civil Parish (all were in Carra Barony): Ballygomman, Gneeve, Gortlahan, Keeloges New and Keeloges Old, Lecarrow and Moyhenna. Another Fitzgerald (Dorothea) was represented in both Civil Parishes as well. (Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Turlough and Kildacommoge).

Turlough Park was listed as a principal seat; the residence of Col. Fitzgerald in Samuel Lewis' "A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland." (Lewis, 1837; 1984, p. 661).

In the "Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards, in the several Counties, Counties of Cities, and Counties of Towns in Ireland" compiled in 1876, Chas Lionel Fitzgerald is listed as residing in Turlough Park, Castlebar, County Mayo and held 8,339 acres in that County. (Local Govt Board, 1876; 1988, p. 309).

I found a notation in J. F. Quinn's "History of Mayo" indicating that the Fitzgeralds of Turlough were rate defaulters owing 228 pounds. (Quinn, 1996, Vol 4, Ch 10, p. 314). There wasn't a specific date given with this documentation.

The earlier generations of the Fitzgerald line became landowners in Turlough Civil Parish, Carra barony during the Cromwellian plantation of the Connaught area of Ireland. I am not sure of the year in which Charles Lionel Fitzgerald died and who took over his estate at that point. I have found a notation in the Parliamentary Debates documented on the Hansard Digitisation (sic) Project Site from April 27, 1914 that responded to an inquiry as to whether an offer had been yet made to D.G. Fitgerald for his Estate in Turlough, County Mayo. The debate continued as follows: "if not, can he explain the cause of the delay which has caused so much dissatisfaction amongst the tenants of the estate during the past year?" In response: "The offer of the Congested Districts Board for the purchase of the estate referred to was issue on the 27th January last, and a revised offer was issued on the 20th instant." (Hansard Digitisation Project, HC Deb 27 April 1914, Vol 61 cc1367-9W).

There are further details on the sale of the Fitzgerald estate (including tenancies in the Townland of Gortnafolla) in a debate discussing grazing farms and congestion on the Fitzgerald Estate in the Turlough area of County Mayo. This parliamentary debate was held on April 18, 1918 and was documented online on the Hansard website described below. According to this debate "The Fitzgerald Estate was vested in the Board in March, 1915." (Hansard Digitisation Project, HC Deb 18 April 1918 Vol 105 cc567-8W). This would seem to me to indicate that his estate might have been sold in March of 1915.

Further details on the Hansard Digitisation Project and their online presentation of the UK Parliamentary Debates is given in my works sited section provided below. It is the most comprehensive information I have been able to find thus far (short of going to Ireland and perusing the records in PRONI or the National Library of Ireland) on actions of the Congested Districts Board as they affected County Mayo Estates. The detailed debates covered on this site are a wonderful resource for genealogists. Information provided on this website is accessible to the public and protected under parliamentary copyright.

The National Library of Ireland has documents that cover the Westport Estate Papers and the Estate of Desmond G Fitzgerald of Turlough that is mentioned above.

There are many pieces of the puzzle missing from this page; I will add them as I uncover more facts on the disposition of the estate of Charles L Fitzgerald, County Mayo Landlord.