Dunluce Castle, Along the Causeway Coast in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle, perched on a sheer cliff along the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland was constructed around the 14th century but the site was occupied well before that time. It survived numerous sieges and changed hands many times going from the McQuillans to Sorley McDonnell, Shane O'Neil, a brief stint by the British and finally to Randall MacDonnell the 2nd Earl of Antrim who did elaborate restoration on it. Part of Dunluce Castle (the kitchen area) abruptly fell into the sea in the mid 17th century. The castle was looted and the 2nd Earl of Antrim was arrested but returned later to Dunluce and stayed until his death in 1683. By 1690 Dunluce Castle was no longer occupied and the Earls of Antrim took up residence at Glenam Castle.

Dunluce Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland