Corcoran Families Hailing From Crossmolina, County Mayo, Ireland (Townlands such as Cloonawillin, Crossmolina, Derryhillagh, Keenagh Beg, Killeen and Letterbrick) Documented in the England Census, Ireland Census, Passenger Lists, Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotment Books and a Variety of Other Resources

The Crossmolina Catholic Parish microfilm clearly shows heavier concentrations of Corcorans in the Townlands of Keenagh Beg, Cloonawillin, Killeen, Derryhillagh, Letterbrick and Crossmolina. The Griffith's Valuation that was conducted around 1856 in Crossmolina showed Corcorans in Carrowcloghagh, Cartrongilbert, Coolnabinnia, Crossmolina, Derryhillagh, Keenagh Beg, Srahyconigaun, Lecarrow, Letterneevoge, Letterbrick and Srahyconigaun. The Tithe Applotment Books showed Corcorans present in Kilmurrymore, Sragheecunnigaun, Keenagh Beg, Cloonawillin, Creevy, Kilmurrybog, Gurtmalire and Crossmolina around 1879.

The goal of this compilation is to try to gradually link the Corcoran families I have identified in the Crossmolina Catholic Parish Records with Corcorans that have migrated to England, the United States and those that have remained in Ireland based on a variety of records. I would love to hear from others whose ancestors hail from Crossmolina Civil Parish or the surrounding area. The migration trails that the Mayo Corcorans (who left Ireland) followed will become more apparent when we all put our individual family pieces of the puzzle together!

I have created compilations on the Corcorans in Crossmolina Catholic Parish Records, the Griffith's Valuation, specific information on 19th Century Crossmolina Civil Parish, its Townlands and a map showing where Crossmolina Civil Parish is located in County Mayo.

This is a work in progress and will be added to over time as I uncover more Crossmolina Corcorans to add to the compilation.

Crossmolina Cloonawillin Derryhillagh Keenagh Beg
Killeen Letterbrick