County Mayo, Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Records

The following County Mayo Parish records are available on microfilm through the family history centers across the United States. I would suggest you use these microfilm numbers as a point of reference to check the film catalog, and see which films have the date ranges which most closely match your time frame. The date ranges are variable for baptisms and marriages, and some years are excluded or have large gaps in the sequence. Other than an occasional death date written on the record's margin, death records and burials aren't found in the microfilm.

Roman Catholic Parish names have changed over time. I have tried to provide these variations as well as alternative spellings for both the Catholic Parishes and Civil Parishes. Catholic Parishes tend to cover one or more civil parish, and some overlap into other counties like Cong and Neale in County Galway, Castlemore and Kilcolman in County Sligo and Roscommon and Kilmoremoy in County Sligo. This can all be quite confusing, so I have tried my best to present them in the most concise way possible. Therefore no microfilm records listed for Ballycroy or Moygownagh, but they may be available locally in County Mayo. In the miscellaneous section I have tried to include other Civil Parishes within the Roman Catholic parish, come of the Chapel names, and anything else I thought might be beneficial. Many times the Roman Catholic Parish was also referred to by the name of the chapel. I had intended to include the names of the townlands (witin each civil parish) that had catholic churches in this section, but the chart would have been much too long. I have chosen instead to incorporate them into the Civil Parish Townland Lists in my Research Aids Section.

For further details on how the Roman Catholic Parishes have changed over the years, consult Brian Mitchell's Guide to Irish Parish Registers. If you find microfilm research to just not be your cup of tea , you might want to contact the Mayo Heritage Centers to do a search for you. The more details you are able to give them on your ancestors, the greater the chance of success. Film #1279232 has a section on Ballaghaderreen, a parish that is listed as having been part of both County Mayo and County Roscommon. It covers the time period of 1830-1963. This parish is not listed under the Roman Catholic Parish or Civil Parish listings of any references I have seen and might be worth a look. I have not listed it in the information below. Please note that I will be referring to Roman Catholic Parish as RCP, Civil Parish as CP, and A.K.A. for "also known as" in the table below. The National Library of Ireland has records for Bangor Erris Roman Catholic Parish (also known as Kiltane) which I believe is part of Kilmore Erris. I was unable to find microfilm for this parish in the LDS church films. THere is some discrepancy regarding the Roman Catholic Parish Balla and Manulla. In the National Library of Ireland holdings they list the parish as Balla, Drum, Roslea and Minolla (thereby including Roslee and Drum as well)


Civil Parish Roman Catholic Parish A.K.A. Film Years covered Miscellaneous Info
Achill Achill 1279259, 979699 1867-1913
Addergoole Lahardane 1279205 1840-1880
Aghagower Aughagower Aghavower 1279209, 1279210, 979697 1828-1903
Aghamore Aghamore 1279206, 926214 1864-1921
Aglish Castlebar Aglish, Ballyheane, and Breaghwy 1279211, 1279212, 1279260 1824-1984
Annagh Ballyhaunis Annagh - old name for catholic parish 1279208, 926215 1851-1924, 1851-1880
Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh 1279204 1870-1880
Attymass Attymass 926002 1874-1881
Balla Balla and Manulla Ballagh, Bal 1279209, 979698 1837-1905 Manulla and drum also in RCP
Ballinachalla Cong and Neale Ballincholla 92661, 1279214, 926232- Ross Baptisms 1870-1924 Cong (part in Galway) and Kilmolara also in RCP
Ballinrobe Ballinrobe 1279209, 926219 1848-1911
Ballintober Burriscarra and Ballintober 1279210, 979699 1839-1903 Burriscarra and Toughty also in RCP
Ballyhean Castlebar Aglish, Ballyheane and Breaghwy; Ballyhane 1279211, 1279212, 1279260, 1279261 1824-1984
Ballynahaglish Backs may see divisions of Backs (Rathduff) and Backs (Knockmore) for the RCP 1279205 1829-1880 Kilbelfad CP is also part of this RCP.
Ballyovey Partry Ballovey 1279206, 926233 1862-1903 check Ballinrobe records pre 1869; Tourmakeady RCP also listed under Ballovey
Ballysakeery Ballysokeary Cooneal parish 1279204, 1279205 1862-1897
Bekan Bekan Becan 1279209 1832-1910
Bohola Bohola Bucholla 1279230, 926003 1857-1903
Breaghwy Castlebar Aglish, Ballyheane and Breaghwy; Breaffy, Breaghwee 1279211, 1279212, 1279260, 1279261 1824-1984 Aglish CP and Ballyhean CP are also part of Castlebar RCP
Burriscarra Burriscarra, Ballintober and Touaghty Ballintober 1279210, 979699, 926220 1839-1903 Ballintober CP and Touaghty CP are also part of this RCP
Burrishoole Newport, Burrishoole and Newport Burrishoole, 1279207, 979699, 926220 1872-1920 Burrishoole RCP was formed in 1872;
Castlemore Castlemore and Kilcolman (former name- now Ballaghaderreen) Ballaghaderreen 1279232 1830-1963 Kilcolman (Costello Barony)CP is also part of this RCP. Both Transferred to Rocommon in 1898
Cong Cong and Neale 926221, 1279214, 926232- 1870-1924 Cong is in part Mayo part Galway; Kilmolara CP, Ballinchalla CP also in this RCP
Crossboyne Crossboyne and Tagheen 1279211 1791-1913 3 chapels
Crossmolina Crossmolina 1279204, 897365 1831-1880, 1768-1817 film 897365 is church of Ireland records and covers the years 17168-1817; church was at Crossmolina and Kilmurry
Doonfeeny Ballycastle Kilbride and Doonfeeny- historic name of parish; Doonfeeny 1279204 1853-1880 Kilbride CP also in this RCP
Drum Balla and Manulla Drummonaham 1279209, 979698 1837-1905 Balla and Manulla are also part of this RCP
Inishbofin Inishbofin Ennisboffin 1279213 1867-1903 This is an island off of Co Mayo west coast. The chapel is part of the Catholic District of Ballinakill.
Islandeady Islandeady Islandine, Islandedin 1279213 1839-1913 2 chapels
Kilbeagh, Kilbeagh - Charlestown 1279230, 926009 1845-1880, 1845-1924
Kilbeagh Kilbeagh - Carrowcastle 1279233, 926004 1847-1908 Carracastle parish was part of the Catholic Parish of Kilbeagh in the past.
Kilbelfad Backs - Rathduff 1279205 1829-1880 Ballynahaglish CP also part of this RCP
Kilbelfad Backs - Knockmore 1279205 1829-1880 Ballynahaglish CP is also part of this RCP
Kilbride Ballycastle Kilbride and Doonfeeny- historical name of parish; Kilbreedy 1279204 1853-1880 Doonfeeny is also part of this RCP
Kilcolman Claremorris 1279207 1806-1913 near Crossboyne
Kilcolman Castlemore and Kilcolman (former name - now Ballaghaderreen) Ballaghaderreen 1279232 1830-1963 part in Costello Barony, Co Mayo; part in Co Sligo and Roscommon; Castlemore CP is also part of this RCP.
Kilcommon-Erris Belmullet, Kilcommon-Erris, Kiltane Ballycroy 1279205; all three RCP's have item humbers on this film. 1836-1880 Belmullet, Kilcommon Erris, Kiltane and Ballycroy are all RCP's that cover this CP. Gweesalia, Bangor-Aughoose are obsolete names I have also heard associated with Kilcommon Erris
Kilcommon Kilcommon and Robeen Roundfort 926223, 1279209 1857-1924 in both Kilmaine and Clanmorris Baronies; Robeen CP is also part of this RCP
Kilconduff Kilconduff and Meelick Swinford? 1279233, 926020 1808-1915
Kilcummin Lackan Kilcommin 1279205 1852-1874
Kildacommoge Keelogues Kildecammoge 1279259 1847-1909
Kilfian Kilfian and Rathreagh Kilfyan 1279205 1826-1844 Rathreagh CP is also part of this RCP
Kilgarvan Bonniconlon Bunnyconnellan, Kilgarvey or Kilgarvin CP 926013 1844-1881 chapel in townland of Bunnyconnellan west
Kilgeever Clare Island Clare, Clara 926220 1850-1881 Clare RCP includes part of the CP of Kilgeever, the other part of Kilgeever CP is included in the RCP of Louisburgh (previously known as Kilgeever)
Kilgeever Louisburgh Kilgeever,Gilgavower 926224, 1279212 1844-1922 Chapel in Louisburgh
Killala Killala 897365 1757-1772 this is a church of Ireland Film
Killala Killala 1279204 1852-1880 Templemurry CP is also in this RCP
Killasser Killasser 1279232, 926011 1847-1921 There were 2 chapels one in Callow and one in Listernan
Killedan Killedan or Kiltimagh Killedin, Killedan 1279231, 926012 1834-1909 Chapel in Kiltamagh
Kilmaclasser Kilmeena Kilmina
Kilmainebeg Kilmaine Kilmainemore 1279214, 926225 1854-1909 Kilmainemore CP and Moorgagagh CP were also in this RCP
Kilmainemore Kilmaine Kilmainebeg 1279214, 926225 1854-1909 Kilmainebeg CP and Moorgagagh CP also in this RCP
Kilmeena Kilmeena Kilmina Kilmaclasser CP is also in this RCP
Kilmolara Cong and Neale 926221, 1279214, 926232 1870-1924 Cong CP, Ballinchalla CP are also in this RCP
Kilmore Kilmore-Erris 1279205 1860-1881 part of Kilcommon CP is in this RCP too
Kilmoremoy Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Ballina, Westport, Newport, Castlebar and Hollymount 1279204, 1279205 1823-1879 In both Sligo and Mayo; film 897365 has rec for church of Ire records 1758-1823
Kilmovee Kilmovee Kilmore 1279230, 926017 1854-1925 There were 2 chapels one in Kilmovee, one in Glann or Glantarraun
Kilturra Bunninadden Kilshalvey, Kiltora, Kilturragh, Cloonoghill, Cloonoghie, Kilshalby 1279233, 926018 1833-1908 Part in Mayo, Part in SLigo; Kilshalvy, Cloonoghill CP are part of this RCP too; chapels in Killavil & Bunnanadden
Kilvine Ballindine Kilvine, Crossboyne 1279206 1872-1911 chapel in Ballinvilla
Knock Knock Knockdrumcalry 1279206, 926227 1868-1943
Lackan Lackan 1279205 1852-1874
Manulla Balla and Manulla Minola 1279209, 979698 1837-1905 Drum CP and Balla CP are also in this RCP
Mayo Mayo Abbey Mayo and Rosslee 1279209, 926228 1841-1906 Rosslee CP is also in this RCP
Meelick Meelick and Kilconduff Swinford RCP was later part of Kilconduff 1279233, 926020 1808-1915 Kilconduff CP and Kilmovee CP were also part of this RCP
Moorgagagh Kilmaine Moorgaga 1279214, 926225 1854-1909 Kilmainebeg CP and Kilmainemore CP are also in this RCP
Moygawnagh Moygownagh Magaunagh
Oughaval Aughaval (now called Westport) Westport; Lecanvey and Drummin 1279211, 1279210, 979698 1823-1905
Rathreagh Kilfian Rathrea 1279205 1826-1844 Kilfian CP is also part of this RCP
Robeen- Kilcommon (kilmaine) Kilcommon and Robeen 1279206 1857-1905
Robeen- Kilcommon (Kilmaine) Kilcommon and Roundfort 1279209, 926223 1857-1924 Kilcommon CP in both Kilmaine and Clanmorris Barony is part of this RCP too
Rosslee Mayo Abbey Mayo and Roslee 1279209, 926228 1841-1906 Mayo CP is also part of this RCP. Rosslee CP was at one point part of Balla and Manulla RCP.
Shrule Shrule Shruel 926072, 979690 1831-1864
Tagheen Crossboyne and Tagheen Taugheen, Taghkeen 1279211 1791-1913 Crossboyne CP is also part o this RCP. There were 3 chapels
Templemore Straide Strade 926021 1872-1880
Templemurry Killala 1279204 1852-1880 Killala CP is also in this RCP
Toomore Foxford (modern name of this Catholic Parish) Toomore, Towmore, Tuymore, Tumore 926022, 1279231 1833-1911 Chapel in Foxford
Touaghty Burriscarra and Ballintubber Ballintober; Towaghty 1279210, 979699, 926220 1839-1903 Burriscarra CP and Ballintober CP are also in this RCP
  Tourmakeady Ballygovey 1279206   This RCP is part of Ballovey CP with Partry RCP
Turlough Turlough, now referred to as Parke RCP Parke, Turlough 1279212, 979698 1847-1911 In 1847 it was part of Turlough RCP