Corcoran (and all variations) Families in the St Patrick's Church, Yorkshire, Huddersfield England Church Records before 1840

I have identified 7 different Brennan (Brannan) Families in the St Patrick's Church Microfilm from the early years (before 1840). I am quite certain that the microfilm available only in England for the time period beyond 1840 is a virtual gold mine of Irish records. The Huddersfield and District Family History Society and the Archive Service West Yorkshire Joint Services are two great options to enlist to help you with your research.

The following records were compiled from LDS microfilm number 828132, item 5. This film can be ordered at any LDS family history center for viewing. According to this microfilm St Patrick's Church in Huddersfield was founded in 1828.

Father Mother Child Born Baptism
Cochrane, Michael Maley, Bridget Mary 8/9/1837 8/13/1837
Corcoran, Thomas Bones, Mary Sarah 6/3/1832 7/1/1832
Corcoran, Thomas Bones, Margt William 2/25/1835 3/4/1835
Corkran, Thomas Bones, Mary Mich'l 9/6/1837 9/24/1837
Corkeran, Thomas Bones, Marg't John 1/27/1840 2/16/1840