The Corcoran Surname in County Roscommon Townlands in Pigot's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1824

The following information was acquired from the CD book Pigot's Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1824. It is part of the Trinity college of Dublin Library Collection. This CD ROM is available through Archive CD Books Ireland and is part of their Archive CD Books Project. This CD Book describes its contents as follows:

"Pigot and Companies City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Professional Gentlemen, Merchants and Manufacturers of Dublin and upwards of 120 of the Principal Cities, Seaports and Towns of Ireland."

The Towns in County Roscommon that are covered in this Book CD are Boyle, Castlerea, Elphin and Roscommon. The Townland of Ballinasloe was also covered on this CD book.

Ballinasloe was listed as being part of County Galway in this 1824 Directory, but in the 1846 Slater's Directory it states that Ballinasloe was partly in Creagh Civil Parish (County Roscommon) but mostly in Kilcloony Civil Parish (County Galway). There was a Thomas Cochrane who made Farming Implements in Ballinsloe in this 1824 Directory that is listed as being part of County Galway. There is also a Thomas Cochrane in the 1846 Slater's Directory for Ballinsloe (listed as being partly in County Roscommon/partly in County Galway). He is listed as a proprietor at a Coach Factory in the Farming Society Building. I am going to include this record below for the sake of completeness as it may be the same Cochrane.

The only Corcoran that I found in the County Roscommon section of the Pigot Commercial Directory was James Corcoran, a Baker in Castlerea. Castlerea is a Townland in Kilkeevin Civil Parish, a Civil Parish that lies between Tibohine in the North and Kiltullagh to the South and borders County Mayo in one small section.

Of note for my Irish research, John Coffee was listed as a Grocer in the Townland of Castlerea where James Corcoran was noted, and Thomas Cochrane was noted in the Townland of Ballinasloe where Michael Brennan was present.

Name Town/Street Job Description or Title
Corcoran, James Castlerea Merchant/Tradesmen: Baker
Cochrane, Thomas Society Street, Ballinasloe Farming Implement Maker (keep in mind that this Thomas Cochrane was listed under Ballinasloe (County Galway) in this 1824 directory; the same town was partly in County Roscommon and partly in County Galway in the 1846 Slater's Directory)

(Pigot, 1824; 2005, p. 120, 196).