Corcoran (and all variations) Families Identified in Tibohine Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland Townlands of the Griffith's Valuation, Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish Records and other Resources

The Roman Catholic Parish Records covering Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish in County Roscommon (a parish that borders County Mayo) had 38 different Corcoran (Corkeran) families documented in the three sections of microfilm 989753. Unfortunately, a significant number of them failed to give Townlands of residence. There were however, there were five different Townlands identified in the Loughglynn/Lisacul film connected to Corcoran, Corkeran Families. Those clearly in Tibohine Civil Parish (and their acreage in 1857) were Figh (734 acres), Leitrim (1,491 acres), Cloonbunny (631 acres), Buckill (827 acres), Curreentorpan. Patrick Corcoan and Brigida Kelly that were associated with Curreentorpan in one record were associated with Faironown in another. I think that this may be referring to Fairymount, a village that is about half way between Lissananny and Frenchpark. The Corcorans (and all variations of that surname) in these townlands will be the focus of further research you can follow in the links at the bottom of the page. I hope to identify the origins of the others via alternative sources and help from other Genealogists researching their family lines. Please contact me to help me fill in the gaps if you have Corcorans in this area- it will benefit everyone and may help us all discover our ancestors siblings, aunts and uncles.

The Griffith's Valuation for Tibohine Civil Parish was conducted in 1857. Corcorans were identified as occupiers of parcels in 9 different Townlands: Carrowgarve, Cloonfad, Cloonfinglas, Grallagh, Rathkeery, Leitrim, Lisdrumneil, Lisduff and Mullaghnashee. Corcorans were most prevalent in Carrowgarve, Cloonfad, Lisduff and Mullaghnashee. James, Bryan and Patrick Corcoran held parcels in Carrowgarve with the following distribution: Bryan Corcoran held parcel 37a with a House, Office and Land (just over 3 acres with a total value of 1 pound 16 shillings and Patrick Balfe in Chancery his Landlord) and parcel 38b with a Garden (area less than one acre with total value of 5 shillings and the same Landlord), James Corcoran held parcel 16c with a house (5 shillings total valuation and John Casey Landlord) and Patrick Corcoran held parcel 38a a House and Land (just over 1 acres with 1 pound total valuation and Landlord Bryan Corcoran). Patrick Balfe in Chancery is the most prevalent Landlord for Carrowgarve. There are no obvious signs of economic activity in Carrowgarve to speak of and 1 bog parcel of no value. There were four different Corcorans holding parcels in the Townland of Cloonfad: El, Thady, Bartholomew and Thomas Corcoran Junior. They held the following parcels: El Corcoran (Widow) held parcel 3a with Thady Corcoran and six others- 197 acres; her parcel including a House and Land including bog valued at 3 pounds, 15 shillings and Thady's parcel was 3b with a House, Office and Land including Bog with 3 pounds 15 shillings total valuation. The Rt Hon and Rev Lord John De Frayne was the Landlord for both. Thomas Corcoran Junior held parcel 4a with a House and Land of just over an acre valued at 15 shillings (Thomas Mahon and Cormack Callaghan Landlord) and Bartholomew Corcoran held parcel 5a with a House, Office, Land Including Bog area of over 63 acres and total valuation 5 pounds. He shared his parcel with Dominick Mahon and De Frayne was their Landlord. The Rt Honorable and Reverend John De Frayne was the Landlord for the vast majority of parcels. There was a forge, but little other obvious economically-productive parcels in this Townland. Thomas Corcoran held parcel 32 in the Townland of Cloonfinglas with a House and Land just over 4 acres and total valuation of 1 pound. Timothy Higgins was his Landlord. The Right Honorable and Reverend John De Frayne was the most prevalent Landlord with 20 parcels in this Townland and three different Higgins were Landlords for the rest. There was a significant amount of bog parcels in Cloonfinglas (one of which was reclaimed bog) but little economic activity to speak of (no corn mills, herd's houses, etc). The Townland of Grallagh showed two Corcorans occupying parcels: Hugh Corcoran with parcel 6, Land of over 18 acres that he shared with Michael Finn (Hugh's total parcel valuation was 5 pounds, 10 shillings and their landlord was the Rt Honorable and Revenend John De Frayne. John Corcoran held parcel 26, just over 5 acres of land valued at 1 pound, leased from Lord De Frayne as well. Lord De Frayne was the most prevalent Landlord in this Townland and held the only bog parcel in town that had no agricultural value. There was little more than a herd's house of economic significance in Grallagh. Judy Corcoran held parcel 10c, a house valued at 5 shillings in the Townland of Rathkeery and Patrick Kelly was her Landlord. There were a variety of different Landlords in Rathkeery, but John French was the most prevalent. There were no obvious parcels of economic significance in Rathkeery (no corn mills, forges or even herd's houses). Thomas Corcoran held parcel 33a with a House, Offices and Land in the Townland of Leitrim. His parcel was just over 15 acres with a total valuation of 2 pounds, 15 shillings. He shared the parcel with John Moran and his landlord was the Rt Honorable and Reverend John De Frayne. John De Frayne was the primary Landlord in Leitrim. There were 10 different parcels containing bog, one of which was "bog pasture" and two herd's houses, but little other parcels of economic significance. Widow Corcoran held parcel 16a with a House and Land of just over 2 acres valued at 2 pounds in the Townland of Lisdrumneil. Reps Wm. Murphy was her landlord and represented most of the other parcels in town as well. There was a National Schoolhouse in Lisdrumneil but nothing else of economic significance was noted. Patrick, Hugh and Thadeus Corcoran all held parcels in the Townland of Lisduff. Patrick Corcoran held parcel 5a (House and Land over 14 acres) and 6 (Land just over 7 acres) and total valuation of 9 pounds. Rt Honorable and Reverend John De Frayne was the Landlord for both. Patrick also held parcel 14 (land just over 17 acres) that he shared with Hugh Corcoran, Thadeus Corcoran and four others. His total valuation was 3 shillings. Thadeus Corcoran shared parcel 14, land with Patrick and Hugh (as noted above) and his total valuation was 2 shillings. Hugh Corcoran shared parcel 14 with Patrick and Thadeus (Land with 3 shillings total valuation). Lord De Frayne was the Landlord for parcel 14 as well as all of the rest of the parcels in Town. Hugh Corcoran held other parcels in Lisduff: 9ABa, just over 12 acres of land and House, Offices and Land of over four acres; total valuation for both was 7 pounds, 10 shillings and he held parcel 13, just over 39 acres of land that he shared with Luke Callaghan and Michael Finn. His total valuation was 1 pound, 10 shillings. There were two parcels in Lisduff that included bog, but little else to note of significance. The Townland of Mullaghnashee had four Corcoran occupiers when the Griffith's was conducted (and Lord De Frayne was the Landlord for all of them): John, Patrick, Patrick (Jun) and James Corcoran. John Corcoran held parcel 10a with a House, Office and Land of just over 9 acres valued at 3 pounds, 15 shillings. Patrick Corcoran held parcel 20a with a House, Offices and Land with just over 33 acres and total valuation of 13 pounds. Patrick Corcoran Junior held parcel 26ABa 5 acres of Land and a House, Office and Land of just over 15 acres; total valuation for both was 11 pounds. James Corcoran held parcel 27ab, a House and Land on just over 17 acres valued at 11 pounds, 15 shillings. There was a Roman Catholic Chapel in the Townland of Mullaghnashee, several Herd's Houses and a bog parcel, but little else. The Rt Honorable and Reverend Lord John De Frayne held all but two parcels in Mullaghnashee.

The Cancelled Books for the Griffith's Valuation are held in the National Valuation Office in Dublin. They are organized by electoral division (DED). In September 2011 I had an opportunity to spend some time looking at the cancelled books for Buckill DED, the electoral division that includes Cloonfad, Lisdrumneil and Rathkeery among its Townlands. The cancelled books document changes in occupiers of parcels as they are transferred upon death, immigration etc. over time. Cloonfad was documented as having 637 acres, Lisdrumneil 329 acres and Rathkeery with 322 acres. I looked at the earliest years of Buckill DED and recorded all Corcorans that I noted in them. There is one huge caveat to keep in mind: the exact years of the property transfer should be verified because my camera images reverted to black and white due to low light levels and I am relying on notations of years in the margins and not the various colored pencils used to denote the years the changes occurred. Therefore with some of the occupier changes, the name change is apparent and often the approximate year, but this must be confirmed by further research.

I analyzed the earliest years of the Buckill DED for the Townland of Cloonfad and here is what I uncovered: On page 17 of book 8, Ellen Corcoran, Widow is listed as holding 3a with total valuation of 3 pounds, 15 shillings, but widow is crossed out. She shares a parcel of land- just over 196 acres with Thady, Thaddeus Corcoran and 9 others. Thady Corcoran has parcel 3b andThadeus Corcoran has 3e (the name Callaghan is crossed out here. He has a House, Office and Land and there are three years written by the total valuation for his parcel, 1872, 1 873 and 1877. Thomas Corcoran Junior holds parcel 41 with total value of 15 shillings. The records get older as you go to the back of the book. On page 18, Ellen Corcoran is listed as a widow in parcel 3a. Further back in the book, Ellen Corcoran is crossed out and Thady Corcoran takes her place for parcel 3a (1888 is listed in the margin for the total valuation for the parcel), and Elizabeth Corcoran replaced Thadeus Corcoran in parcel 3e (1893 is listed in the margin by the total valuation for this parcel). Thomas Corcoran Junior is also crossed out on this page as is his landlord Thomas Mahon, the area (1-1-30) and total valuation (15 shillings). Barth'w Corcoran was listed as holding parcel 5a in Cloonfad that he shares with Dominick Mahon and Lord De Freynes name is changed from Rt Hon and Rev Lord De Freyne to Lord De Freyne on page 21. Of note is that his property area decreased from 63-2-6 (just over 63 acres) to 59-1-6 and total valuation declined from 5 pounds to 4. This information poses more questions that it solves, like what became of Ellen Corcoran in 1888 and Elizabeth Corcoran in 1893, did they emigrate, die or ? Ellen appears to have been replaced by Thady Corcoran in parcel 3a and Elizabeth replaced Thadeus Corcoran in 3e around 1893 as well. What became of Patrick and Hugh Corcoran that held land in Lisduff in the Griffiths and what happened to Thomas Corcoran Junior who was crossed out in the cancelled books. The Valuation office can be enlisted to do research to clarify these information gaps. The challenge is in how to pay them from abroad as they don't take credit cards online. It was quite confusing because the sections are not separated and get older vs more current as you work your way to the back of the book and years of entry aren't noted at the start of the sections.

The Cancelled books for Lisdrumneill showed Bridget Corcoran with parcel 16ABa, a House and Land (widow Corcoran was listed in the Griffith's Valuation with this parcel at just over 2 acres, valued at 2 pounds) with Rep Wm Murphy being crossed out and replaced with Rep James Murphy on page 24, but the page appears to be crossed out and "boundary changed" is written in the margin." It shows her having 8 acres and a separate 1 acre parcel, with total valuation 6 pounds and 5 shillings. A Bridget Corcoran is listed as having parcel 7AB, a House and Land with just over 2 acres, and land about 1 acre with total value 2 pounds 10 shillings in several sections of book 8 with a change from Reps Jas Murphy to John Murphy as LL on page 42. I am unsure of when this transpired because no date is written and I am unsure of the colored pencil color used.

I noted one entry in the Cancelled books for Rathkeery that mentions Judy Corcoran who had been holding parcel 10c. Her name is crossed out as is the total valuation and it says "down" in the margin. Does this indicate that the house was torn down? There is no date in the margin by this note, but there is a "47" near her name that doesn't appear to be a parcel number. Further research is needed to ascertain what became of Judy Corcoran and when the house was torn down if indeed that is what it implies.

This is a work in progress!

Please contact me if you have Corcorans from the Loughglynn and Lisacul Catholic Parish or its surroundings. I would welcome any feedback you might have on my research.

Clusters of Corcoran families were identified in the following Townlands in Loughglynn and Lisacull Roman Catholic Parish Records as well as the Griffith's Valuation and will be the subject of more extensive research:

Buckill Carrowgarve Cloonbunny Cloonfad
Cloonfinglas Curreentorpan Figh Fairymount
Grallagh Leitrim Lisdrumneil Lisduff
Mullaghnashee Rathkeery