Corcoran Families (and all variations of the Surname) Identified in the Leeds, Yorkshire, England Census Records, Possible Origins in Ireland and Links Between the Census Years

The Surname Corcoran and numerous variations are scattered throughout the different districts of the Leeds, Yorkshire, England Census Records. The majority of these Corcoran families are documented as being born in Ireland. Some of the later census years begin giving counties of birth. It is my objective in this section to analyze the various Corcoran Families found in the Leed Civil Parish, Yorkshire England Census records between 1841 and 1911 to look for possible origins and connections between the lines. Leeds is only about 11 miles from Hudderfield where I have been tracking a significant cluster of Corcorans from the Connaght areas of Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo. This is a work in progress and will be added to as I work my way through the census. My intention is to try to identify migration trails from Ireland.

It is clear from my initial research in the Leeds Census records that there are Corcorans from Ireland in the 1841 Leeds Civil Parish census in Holbeck Sub Registration District and in Leeds Town Civil Parish in Kirkgate Sub Registration District. The largest concentration of Corcorans in the 1851 Leeds Civil Parish Census was in North Leeds Subregistration District followed by South East Leeds. The same was true in the 1861 and 1871 Leeds Civil Parish Sub Registration District. Based on this initial rudimentary assessment I will begin my trolling through the Leeds Census records with the 1841 Leeds Civil Parish (Holbeck) and Leeds Town Civil Parish, Kirkgate.

Keep in mind that the connections I draw are what appear to me to be the same family and need to be further analyzed to make sure the conclusion is correct (hopefully with supporting evidence such as GRO marriage records and baptismal records). They are something to build upon and prove. I would welcome all feedback on this effort. Only through input from other Corcorans will we find how we might all be related.

Leeds Corcoran families in the process of being traced:

  1. Patrick and Mary Corcoran (1861-1891 Leeds North Leeds) she was born in Ballinahar?, Mayo, Ireland. I haven't created a page on this family yet because I have yet to determine her maiden name and her husband Patrick's origins in Ireland.
  2. Edward and Catherine Corcoran (1851,1861 Leeds) and the families of their sons James, Thomas and John (James and Ellen Corcoran 1851-1911), Thomas Corcoran and Alice Middleton 1871-1901) and John and Elizabeth Corcoran 1881-1891). Thomas and John are documented as being born in County Mayo.
  3. Thomas Corcoran and Mary Swift of Leeds, Yorkshire England. Thomas is listed as being born in Ballymoran? County Mayo, Ireland and Mary Swift in Ruskey, County Mayo, Ireland in the 1911 Leeds England Census.
  4. The James and Ellen Corcoran Family of Yorkshire (West Riding) England: An Analysis of James Corcoran's Journey from County Mayo Ireland to Leeds, Holbeck and Hunslet Yorkshire, West Riding, England
  5. Richard and Catherine Corcoran of Leeds. I believe that I have traced this family from 1851 through 1891 and that they both were born in County Mayo, Ireland. There are some discrepancies in my search that prohibit me from putting the page on line at this point. I believe that Richard married either Catherine Conner or Catherine Melvin quarter ending June 1850 in Leeds and that they had daughters Mary, Amy and son Michael. I think that Michael may have died at age 8 in Leeds (quarter ending June 1876). Richard, a widow in 1891 has his son in law Henry Flanary (a widow) and grand daughter Selina living with him on Butler's Court in Leeds. A Henry Flannery likely married either a Catherine Woods or a Honora Corcoran in quarter ending December 1882 in Leeds. I am wondering if Honora is either Mary or Amy? Please contact me if you are a descendent of this family.
  6. The John Corcoran and Mary Redde Family of Yorkshire, Leeds England: An Analysis of Their Migration from County Mayo, Ireland to Yorkshire Leeds England.
  7. John and Julia Corcoran of North Leeds. I believe I have traced this family from 1851 through the 1901 census. John died before 1871. Unfortunately there was no county of origin in Ireland for either John or Julia through all those census years so I have yet to create a page on them. They had the following children: Michael, Thomas, Catherine, Edward, Mary Elizabeth and John had a sister Cicely. Julie's maiden name may have been Hurley.
  8. The Patrick and Margaret Corcoran family of Leeds. I have traced this family from the 1841 to the 1861 Leeds census. Patrick, an Iron Monger, died before the 1861 census was conducted. They had three children Mary Ann, Joanis and Elisabeth. I believe that Mary Ann married Michael Kilcullen in quarter ending December 1867 in Leeds and that here sister Elizabeth was living with them in the 1871 Leeds Census.
  9. Margaret Flaherty (Corcoran?) who is a widow in the 1861 census living with her three kids John and Catherine Flaherty and Andrew Corcoran in District 28. John and Catherine were born in Ireland. Margaret Corcoran is listed as being born in County Sligo, Ireland in the 1871 census and John and Catherine Flaherty her children in County Roscommon. John is married to Sarah Ann (I believe her maiden name is Atkinson) and their two sons James and John live with them. Margaret's son Alfred also lives with them. After following John and Sarah A Flaherty through the 1911 census I believe he was born in Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland. I can't locate Margaret after the 1871 census and there is some discrepancy as to her maiden name (Flaherty or Corcoran) so I have not created a page on them yet. Please contact me if you are a descendent of this familiy.
  10. Thomas and Catherine (nee Joice) Corcoran were the parents of Patrick Corcoran born April 24, 1834 and baptized May 5, 1834 in St Marys Lady Lane Catholic Church, Leeds, Yorkshire. Sponsors were Edward Daughterty and Mary Gleddill. This record was present in the compilation on "All England and Wales non Conformist and Non parochial Registers 1567-1970).
  11. The James and Mary Corcoran Family: In the 1901 Leeds Southeast Leeds District 10 census, James Corcoran 64 Machine Laborer in the Foundry and his wife Mary 63 were both born in Sligo, Ireland. Single Daughter Mary Corcoran 35 Boot Fitter and Grand Daughter Horrie Crisp 8 were born in Leeds. In the 1891 Leeds South East Leeds Census, James 50 General Laborer and wife Mary 50 were living at 13 Cotton Street. Daughters Mary 25 and Alice 17 were single Boot Machinists born in Leeds. in the 1881 Leeds, Southeast Leeds Census District 17, James 44 Laborer Iron Foundry, and wife Mary 43 were listed as being born in Sligo, Ireland, daughters Mary (15, boot fitter) and Alice 7 a scholar in Leeds. They lived at 95 Spinner Street.
  12. The Martin and Ann Corcoran Family: In the 1871 Leeds, Southeast Leeds Census District 18, Martin Corcoran 41 Boat Deliverer, Boatman and his wife Ann 40 were living with their daughter Mary Alice 7 at 1 East Water Lane. The parents were born in Ireland, daughter Mary Alice in Leeds.

I have identified specific details on the Irish documented in the 1841 census records for Leeds Civil Parish (Holbeck Sub Reg District) and Leeds Town Civil Parish (Kirkgate and Leeds North) in separate pages.

This is a work in progress!

1841 Leeds CP- Holbeck Leeds Town CP- Kirkgate Leeds Town North Leeds      
1851 Leeds CP, North Leeds South Leeds        
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