Corcoran Families (and all Surname Variations) in Kiltimagh (Killedan), County Mayo, Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames O-R

There are a smattering of Corcoran families in Kiltimagh Roman Catholic Parish. This compilation is a work in progress and will be added to in time as I complete film 926012 and later when I obtain 1279231. The records listed will be from microfilm 926012 unless noted otherwise.

I am also documenting all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Corcorans; although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible townlands that might provide a missing link. There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

If you feel that you are a descendent of one of these families please contact me as I am trying to connect the Corcorans in these church records with families that immigrated to England and beyond. If we all put our individual pieces of the puzzle together, maybe we can trace our lines back further in Ireland!

Regarding Surname O'Brien: There is a baptismal record for what appears to be Bridget, daughter of Michl O'Brien and Mary Curcanan? on January 10, 1863. The Townland of Culgar (likely Cuilgar) is associated with this record. I don't believe that this is a Corcoran but am included it here just in case.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child; Misc. Info.
August 22, 1863 B Corcran?, John O'Brien, Mary Kiltimagh Thos; very unsure if this is Corcran or Connor or Connon?
October 4, 1863 B Corcran?, Thos Regan, Ceciily Lackafinna? Anne; Difficult to read name - looks like Corcran unsure
December 21, 1876 B Corcoran, Mary Rielly, Mich'l Craggagh (a Townland in Killedan CP) Catharine
June 23, 1878 B Corcoran, Mary Rielly, Michael Cragagh John
February 19, 1880 B Corcoran, Mary Rielly, Michael Craggagh Pat
February? 11, 1859 M Corcoran, Bridget Roach, Thos    
September 6, 1863 B Corcoran, Bridget Roche, Thos Curnadanat? (cant read well at all- there is a Carrowndangan in Killedan CP?) Michl?
July 28, 1866 B Corcaron, Brigt Roche, Thomas Comgerra? (possibly Carrownageeragh in Killedan CP?) Mary
July 29, 1869 B Corcoran, Bridget Roche, Thomas Corrgerra? James
January 29, 1874 B Corcoran, Bridget Roche, Thomas Corgerra Anne