Corcoran Families in Kilfian Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname M-N

The Letter "B" listed under event refers to Baptism. If a birth is given, I willl list it under the miscellaneous column.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
March 29, 1829 B Corcoran, Mary McHale, Thos Breafy Thos; born March 26, 1829
September 3, 1830 B Corcoran, John Moughan, Bridget Glendagh (likely Glenedagh Eighter or Oughter in Kilfian CP) Michael; born September 1, 1830
April 28, 1833 B Corcoran, John Monghan, Bridgt Cledagh (likely Clydagh in Kilfian CP) Catharine; Born April 25, 1833
June 30, 1835 B Corcoran, John Maughan, Bridgt Glenedoge? Eleanor; Born June 24, 1835
September 10, 1836 M Corcoran, Biddy Mochan?, John Glenedagh ( likely either Glenedagh Eighter or Oughter in Kilfian CP) Item 2;