Corcoran Families in Kilfian Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname A-C

The Letter "B" listed under event refers to Baptism. If a birth is given, I willl list it under the miscellaneous column.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
June 18, 1830 Burial Corcoran, Mary   Clydagh died ate 72 on June 16, 1830 of Decay
September 3, 1830 Burial Corcoran?, Pat   Barinnarin? died on September 1, 1830 age age 82 of old age
February 15, 1828 B Corcoran, Francis Corcoran, Anne Keriglan (likely Keerglen in Kilfian CP) Pat'k; born February 8, 1828
August 16, 1829 B Corcoran, Joanus Corcoran, Anna Conglan or Cenglan?? Michl; born August 14, 1829
August 11, 1831 B Corcoran, Frank Corcoran, Anne Cenglen? Winy; born August 10, 1831
June 19, 1833 B Corcoran, Francis Corcoran, Anne Curglen? Honor; Born June 5, 1833