Corcoran Families Identified in the 1861 Huddersfield Civil Parish, Yorkshire England Census Records and Research into their Origins in Ireland

It is clear that a significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Huddersfield England originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo and Galway. I believe my immigrant Irish Great Grandparents Martin Brannon and Cathrine Corcran were among them in the 1851 Huddersfield Census on Windsor Court of District 4. I can't be 100% certain until I delve deeper to find out what became of Mary Corcoran, Martin's mother-in-law, Mary their daughter born in 1851, Patrick Mary's husband and a passenger record which I have been yet unable to find. The same thorough research should be used to sort through the information I present in this section. I will present subsequent records that I believe may be a match for a family in a previous census year. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Locations of the Irish-born and observations in the 38 Districts of the 1861 Huddersfield Civil Parish Census Records: I have completed documentation of the Brennans in the 38 Districts of this census group. I have yet to do any detailed comparison with Brennans in other census years. I have noted many Irish on Buxton Road in District 3 and heavy concentrations on Manchester Street with scattered numbers on Jones Yard, Kellen's Yard, Ramsden Yard, Towitt Court, March Street, Powel's Square, Water Lane, Back Water Lane, Charles Street, John Street, Buxton Road and So. Parade in District 5. District 6 had Irish on Upper Yard Row, district 7 on Sangra Yard, Chapel Hill and Dale Street. There were heavy concentrations of Irish on Barker's Yard (Upper Head Row) in District 6 with scattered numbers on South Parade, Upper Head Row, Bottom Yard and George Street. The heaviest concentration of Irish in District 9 was far and away on Swallow Street, followed by Duke Street, Connor's Yard and a smattering on Clough's Court, Liddle's Yard, Heywoods Yard, Grove Street, Cross Grove Street, Holstead Yard and Black Lion Yard. The following Surnames were noted in District 9 from County Roscommon: Kelly, Flannigan, Finnegan, Cassiday, McQuire, Blessington, Kelly, Smith and Gibbins. The following surnames were noted in District 5 from County Mayo: Burk, Hopkins, Kooney, Snee, O'Grady, Cadalow, Sullivan and Gibbins. There also were many if not more immigrants from County Galway. The Connaught counties of Ireland have been heavily represented in the census records for districts 1-9 in which a County is given, with large numbers from County Galway, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo as well. The following other counties were also rarely noted: Antrim, Armagh, Carlow, Clare, Cork, Dublin (and Town of Belfast), Kerry, Kings, Leitrim, Limerick, Londonderry, Tipperary, Tyrone, Waterford and Westmeath and Wexford. District 10 had a smattering of Irish on Outcote Bank, South St. and Spring Grove Street; District 11 had Irish clusters on Upperhead Road, West parade, New North Road, Westgate and in the Vagrant Office. There was a Roman Catholic Chapel and Wesleyan Chapel in District 11. District 12 had Irish on Swan Yard, Market Place and Station Street, and there were Irish scattered throughout District 13 on Chadwick Fold, Kirkgate at Dog's Inn and the Armitage Arm's Inn, Pee's Yard, Crofs Church Street, Seed Hill and Diana Yard. District 14 had a large Irish contingent on a wide variety of streets such as Post Office Yard, Kirkgate Beerhouse and Beer shop, Castlegate, Boulder's Yard, Spivey's Yard, Denton and Rosemary Lanes. District 15 had concentrations of Irish on Kirkgate, Rosemary Lane, Castlegate Talbot Beerhouse, Castlegate, Wells St, Beast Market, Silk Street and Bull's Head Yard. The John Flynn Family from Kilcorky, Roscommon was present on Kirkgate, Patrick Maguire and James Nelson from Ballyna Mayo on Kirkgate and Henry Cahill was noted from Castlerea Ireland. Relatively few Irish were noted in district 16 but there was a John Moran born in Mayo and some Irish on Bradford Road (also at the Fox and Grapes Inn) and on John Williams Street- Sportsman's Arms. District 17 had very heavy concentrations of Irish on Windsor Court, Dock Street, Castlegate and Watergate and several immigrants on Quay Street. District 18 had Irish-born on Lowerhead Row (private and public houses), Hithouse Lane, Leeds Road and Cellar. District 19 had Irish-born on Thomas Street, Northgate, Clayton's Yard Northumberland, Northumberland and Barmans Yard Lowerhead Row. The Irish in District 20 were located on Northgate (Cuthbert's Yard, North's yard, cellar dwelling), Back Hawk Street, Union Street and Seed Road. The Ireland Counties of Roscommon, Galway and Dublin were represented here. District 21 had Irish on Greenhead House, Lane and Villa, West Parade, Trinity and Trinity St. Freemans. One family each was noted from County Sligo and County Limerick. There was only one Irish family in District 22 on Cross Street. There was only one Irish family in District 22 on Cross Street. There was only one Irish-born individual in District 23 on Fitzwm House and one on Elor Bromat? The Irish families of District 24 were located on New House, Hewton, Clare Hill, Hepworth Yard and Lucas yard cellar dwelling. Three Counties in Ireland were identified: Galway, Tipperary and Kilkenny. There were only four Irish-born families in District 25 and they had family members from counties Sligo, Antrim, Carlow, Waterford and Dublin in Ireland. They lived on Pebble Road, Edward Building, Turner's Building on Bradford Street and Bradford Road. There were only two Irish-born families in District 26 and they were living on Bradford Road and Far Town. District 27 had one Irish immigrant from County Antrim and the five families in this district were living on Willow Lane Stuber's Arms, Willow Lane, Bayhall Common Chadwick and the Union Workhouse. There were only three Irish-born families in District 28: Benjm McWilliams from Belfast on Hill house Rd, Andrew Sheard (Ireland) and John Hamal from County Antrim Ireland on Cowcliffe. District 29 had three Irish families on Weatherrody Well and Folly- all appear to be involved in the textile industry. Three Irish-born families were living in District 30: Julian Williams of Dublin Ireland at Paddock Kaphead Inn and the Connors and Marsden families on Mortimer's Yard. The Connors Family parents are documented as being from Mullen, Ireland. There is a Mullen in both County Kerry and County Roscommon. District 31 had three Irish-born families on Millgate, House and Pot Shop and Hilltop. There was only one Irish-born individual in District 32 and they were living on Johnny Moore Hill. The Irish-born in District 33 were living on East Street and Back East Street and there were none in District 34. District 35 had one Irish-born individual living on Deighton from County Mayo. One Irish immigrant born in County Down was living in Bradley Lodge on Ladies Landerry in District 36. There were no individuals who were born in Ireland in districts 37 or 38.

Omissions: There was a William and Mary Corking family in District 20 of this census on York Street that I have not included in compilation. Parents and family were born in Yorkshire, Huddersfield England. Robert and Janet Cockham in District 19, Thomas St and their family (parents born in Scotland) whose kids were born in Huddersfield were not included in this page. There was a John Cockin Family in District 37 as well as an Ann Cockin Family, and both families were from Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

I welcome any and all feedback, corrections- they benefit us all. This is definitely a work in progress! I intend to include all possible variations, even possible phonetic variations of the surname such as Corkin in the event a typo was made by the census taker.

District Addresss Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
10 Outcote Bank Cochrane, Thomas, Head 50 Ireland Oyster Hawker M
10 Outcote Bank Cochrane, Margarett, Wife 51 Ireland Cordwainer M
10 Outcote Bank Cochrane, John, Son 21 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Cordwainer U
10 Outcote Bank Cochrane, Thomas, Son 15 Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England Cordwainer  
17 Castlegate Corcoran, Bridget, Head (Mary Flanagan lodger with them) 50 Ireland Hawker W
17 Castlegate Corcoran, Thomas, Son 18 Ireland Hawker U
9 19 Swallow St. Corkin, Martin, Head 23 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Cordwainer M
9 19 Swallow St. Corkin, Martha, Wife 21 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England Cotton Winder M
9 19 Swallow St. Corkin, Thomas Wm, Son 2 mos Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England    

These records were acquired from the England Census, database- online, Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.