Corcorans documented as being born in County Mayo, Ireland in the 1861 Middlesex County, England Census Records

Documentation of the County of Birth in Ireland was fairly uncommon in the earlier years of the England Census records but was noted on occasion and increased after the 1851 census. This is a work in progress that I will add to over time.

These records are in no means complete. as I have not had time to go through the individual districts of Middlesex at this point. I've noticed that on many occasions a Townland was given in these records (such as Castlebar, Ireland). This record would not show up on a search of Brennans born in Mayo, Ireland even though Castlebar is in County Mayo. I have also seen many individuals give their Roman Catholic Parish as a place of birth in Ireland. Athalone, a Catholic Parish in County Roscommon wouldn't show up in a search of those living in England born in County Roscommon either. These factors and the incorrect interpretation of the census taker's handwriting pose serious challenges to this search. Betsy Brannan was listed as being born in Ancommon, Ireland; however, a quick look at the record showed her place of birth clearly as Roscommon, Ireland. As I get time I will go through the districts of the England Counties that have the greatest concentrations of County Mayo born immigrants and add to these records.

Corchrane is not technically a variation of Corcoran but it is very similar and many census takers (and priests in the Irish church records) seem to spell names phonetically so I am including this surname here.

Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
217 White Horse Alley, St Sepulchre, Saffron Hill, District 7 Corchrane, Sarah, aunt, living with Steven Welch and his dtr; S Welch from city of London 84 Mayo, Ireland   U

compiled from 1861 England Census database on-line Provo, UT, USA; operations, Inc 2005.