Corcoran Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname O-R

Knockbaun was a Townland composed of 156 Acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856. Corcorans did not occupy any parcels in Knockbaun when this Valuation was taken.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc Info.
January 3, 1839 B Corcoran, Brigt O'Hara, Roger Kildavaroge (this is a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Martin; born December 30, 1838
March 15, 1846 B Corcoran, Biddy O'Hara?, Roger (looks like Ohara or Moran) Puldonough?? Bat?;
March 1859 B Corcoran?, Bridget Price?, Patt   Cate
September 11, 1833 B Corcoran, Catherine Price, Pat Knockbane (this is most likely Knockbaun in Crossmolina CP) Hanna; born August 17, 1833
July 1859 B Corcoran, Francis? Ruane?, Jane? E-? ? (can't decipher the handwriting)
January 7, 1873 B Corcoran, Catherine Ruane, Pat Con-l-? Bridget
March 4, 1875 B Corcoran, Catherine Ruane, Pat Comminge (this may be referring to Cominch in Crossmolina CP) Pat
April 8, 1877 B Corcoran, Catherine Rowan?, Pat Comminge (likely Cominch in Crossmolina CP) John
May 5, 1880 B Corcoran, Cath Ruane, Patrick Comminge Cath